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The Cutest Cat Videos

by | December 20, 2019 | Trending

Kitty on the bed

Everybody loves cute cat videos, and this might be why the Internet is flooded with them. They’re all over YouTube and many websites are solely devoted to sharing the cutest cat antics from across the globe. That’s why we thought we’d do our part in rounding up the cutest videos of cats for your entertainment.

We’ll get straight to the point and out of the way so you can enjoy the cutest cat videos the Internet has to offer.

Mad Cats

This kitty can handle almost everything, except for a flower on top of his head. Who knew a pink flower was this cat’s kryptonite?

Cats need baths too; they’re no different than us humans. But this one isn’t too fond of that wet substance called water.

Kitten Videos

This cute little kit cat just can’t get away from the big hound. The pooch is fascinated by the small fur-nugget and we can’t get enough.

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Talented Kitties

This Australian cat is now the Guinness World Record holder for the most cat tricks in one minute! Meow that’s an impressive kitty.

Think you have what it takes to beat the Fortnite cat? Think again.

Ever wonder what the Friends theme song sounds like when it’s sung by cats? Now you know.

Funny Cats

We’re not really sure what this video is, but it’s just plain hilarious.

What’s better than cats dressed up in Halloween costumes? The answer: nothing.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a compilation of cat fails. Enjoy watching these furballs fail at everything from jumping to running up slides.

Random & Amazing Cat Videos

On sale this Christmas, the catzooka. Launches cats into mid-air at any moment.

These kittens jump right into your living room when they see a laser pointer and GoPro caught it all on video. Go cats go!

Enjoy this three-minute compilation of tiny kittens meowing and talking. We just can’t get enough of these little guys.

That’s All Folks

Cat wearing sun glasses

We enjoyed that just as much as you did, so thank you for giving us a reason to watch videos of cats at work. We think these videos are some of the best cat videos on the Internet and we know more entertaining videos like these will be coming out soon. We suggest you continue to scour the innerwebs to find your own favorite cat videos or even make your own. Then tag us in your videos and we might feature them on our Instagram account!

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