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How to Get a Pet Insurance Quote

by | June 24, 2019 | Pet Care

Prudent Pet how to get a pet insurance quote

Searching for the right dog insurance or cat insurance isn’t always easy. Among the many options of brands, coverages, and price points, the process can seem overwhelming. 

The Prudent Pet team is made up of dedicated pet lovers, and like you, we want your pets to be covered and receive the best possible care. This is why we champion pet insurance that is easy to use and crafted specifically for your cat or dog. 

So why get a Prudent Pet insurance quote?

  1. Getting a quote on our website is free. We never make you commit or pay simply for seeing the cost of insuring your furry friend.
  2. You will receive an accurate quote. View what you will pay to cover your pet in case of accident or illness before you purchase.

Getting a quote is easy, but we’re here to help you understand how policies are built and to answer questions along the way.

Find the Quote Page 

Many places on the site will take you directly to a pet insurance quote, but you can always access it via the homepage or on the navigation bar, which you’ll always find on the top of the page. 

How to get a pet insurance: Step 1

Choose Your Pet

First things first: we need to know if you’re insuring your pup or kitty. Click the appropriate icon to begin building your custom quote.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 2

Why Does Prudent Pet Need to Know If I Own a Cat or Dog?

Your quote is created based on whether your pet is a cat or dog. The type of pet will affect the rest of the quoting process, as well as your policy, price, and coverage.

Tell Us Your Pet’s Name, Age, Location, and Gender

Introduce us to your fluffy pal! Fill out your pet’s name, age, location, and gender.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 3

Why Does Prudent Pet Need My Pet’s Age and Gender?

Animals of a certain age may be more at risk of certain illness and injuries. This is also true for an animal’s gender, as females and males may experience different ailments.

To make sure they’re properly covered, it’s crucial we know their age (or approximate age if you’re unsure) and gender.

Find Your Pet’s Breed

When you click to select your breed, you will notice a list of suggestions based on popular breeds in your area. If your pet isn’t among those, you can simply start typing their breed in the search bar. Breeds whose names begin with the letters you’re typing will show.

If you have a mutt or are unsure what breed your pet is, simple choose Mixed Dog or Mixed Cat.

Hint: Some breeds have tricky spellings (like Shih Tzu, for example)! If you’re having trouble finding your pet’s breed, our team will be happy to help you.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 4

Why Does Prudent Pet Need to Know My Pet’s Breed?

Certain hereditary issues are common in specific animal breeds. Knowing your pet’s breed will help us build an appropriate quote.

Provide Your Contact Information

We love getting to know your pet, but we also want to know you! Your contact info is especially important: your quote is sent to the email address you provide, for your review and reference at a later time.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 5

Why Does Prudent Pet Need to Know My Location?

There’s an important reason we need your zip code. The cost of medical treatment for pets varies based on location in the United States; for instance, veterinarians tend to be pricier in urban areas than they are in rural areas.

By knowing your zip code, we can make sure we know exactly where your pet will be receiving treatment to create the perfect policy.

Customize Your Policy

After you continue on from inputting you and your pet’s information, you will find a section that allows you to customize plan coverage. You can change how high or low your deductible is the reimbursement percentage, and annual limit to make a plan that works for your pet’s health, and your finances.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 6

What Do These Insurance Terms Mean?

Deductible: The amount you will pay for covered medical services before your insurance plan starts to pay.

Reimbursement: Policy holders first pay costs out-of-pocket and then are reimbursed for the covered loss by the insurer. The higher the reimbursement, the more money you receive back after paying costs.

Annual Limit: This amount is a cap on benefits or the highest amount the insurance company will pay in a single year when you’re enrolled in a plan.

Choose Your Plan

The price of each plan will adjust accordingly as you customize your deductible, reimbursement, and annual limit.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 7

What Does Each Plan Cover?

Prudent Pet offers two different insurance plans:

You can also choose extra, optional Preventive Add-Ons coverages to supplement your Accident & Illness or Accident-Only plans:

  • Basic: For an additional $9.95 per month, the Basic plan includes seven extra preventive coverages, in addition to your chosen policy.
  • Prime: For an additionally $24.95 per month, the Prime plan includes twelve extra preventive coverages, in addition to your chosen policy.

Review Your Plan

After selecting the right policy, scroll to the bottom of the page to Review Your Plan.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 8

What If I Have More than One Pet?

If you have another pet you want to insure; you can add them to the policy by clicking the Add Another Pet button at the bottom of the page. This action will restart the quoting process and allow you to add the new pet to the quote you already created.

Hint: It doesn’t matter if you have multiple dogs, multiple cats, or both! You can bundle both dogs and cats on your pet insurance policy.

Purchasing Pet Insurance

After clicking Review Policy, you will be taken to a page highlighting your policy coverage and monthly cost.

If you purchase a policy instantly,  you will be redirected to a secure checkout page to enter personal information and credit card numbers for payment.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 9

Will I Be Billed Monthly?

Yes, standard Prudent Pet policies are billed monthly. However, if you prefer not to pay monthly, you can choose quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments.

Note: this does not make your policy more expensive. You pay the same annual cost, just in fewer increments, making the cost of each payment higher. 

Give Us Feedback  

Once you completed your quote, remember to leave a review! Our partners at TrustPilot will send you an email asking for an honest opinion of your experience with Prudent Pet.

Even if you didn’t purchase a policy, we would appreciate your feedback.

How to get a pet insurance: Step 10

As you can see, getting a Prudent Pet quote is easy. We strive to be transparent about our pet insurance, so pet parents have peace of mind that they made the right choice covering their pet. 

You have nothing to lose: receiving a quote is free and will help you understand the benefits of insuring the animal companion in your life.

What do you have to lose? Fetch your free pet insurance quote today!


The information provided on this website is made available for educational purposes only. It should in no way be substituted for professional veterinary assessment of each patient by a suitably qualified veterinary surgeon or veterinarian.

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