Now is the perfect time to adopt a furry feline friend because why not?! It’s also the perfect time to adopt a cat because June marks “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”.

Adding a furry family member to your home is perfect in the post-quarantine life. Most of us are still working at home anyways, meaning we can spend twice as much time with our cats during their cute kitten phases. You never have to leave and can spend as much time with them as you’d like. Adopt a kitty today and bring them into your loving home.

Woman holds a cat at a shelter

When is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month?

June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. The reason being is because the most popular breeding season for cats is in the Spring time. During June we begin seeing an influx of young kitties into animal shelters and rescues due to births of more and more litters.

What is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month?

Cat and woman smile on bed

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month is a time dedicated to improving the lives of cats residing in animal shelters. It encourages people to not only adopt but to celebrate the joy cats bring to our lives by lending them a helping hand. This month is a perfect time to spread awareness to others about adopting rescue and shelter pets. It’s an excellent opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of these wonderful animals!

Where to Adopt a Shelter Cat?

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If you’re unsure how to begin the process of adopting a kitty, no fret, there are many resources available to find the perfect match for you. These are some of our favorite websites to look for your new best friend:

Prudent Pet Tip: Try adopting locally to make a direct impact on your community!

Why Should People Adopt a Shelter Cat?

Woman pets a cat at a shelter

Because cats are awesome! Kitties are wonderful companion animals and loving creatures that will make for amazing additions to the family. The opportunity to change a cat’s life is an inspiring reason to adopt.

Personalities are unique to each cat; however, adopting from a shelter can provide temperament matches. Shelter and rescue workers take pride in connecting potential owners with kitties best suited to each other.

An added incentive to adopting a feline friend during this month is the potential for reductions in adoption fees and associated costs. Shelters often reduce fees to promote adoption in the spirit of the recognized month.

Adopting a pet can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are many resources available to aid in this process and help acclimate your furry friend to their new family and home.

The guides above should help ease the process of adopting a cat and hopefully further encourage you to embark on this special journey with a new little buddy.

Cat and woman sleep in bed

How to Care for a Cat

Caring for a cat can be easier than you think. They’re exceptionally smart animals with lower maintenance than most people expect. The best ways to care for your kitty include the following tips:

Visit the vet biannually: Visiting your vet twice a year allows you to diagnose illnesses fast and early and keep your buddy healthy.

Keep their litter box clean: A litter box should be a little larger than the length of the cat from their nose to their tail. This ensures messes are kept to a minimal and makes it easier for you to clean. If you have multiple cats, provide the equivalent amount of litter boxes plus one additional box.

Make playtime a priority: Cats have instincts to hunt, chase and pounce. Play with your cat and provide them with the necessary toys to keep them busy and active.

Consider adopting two cats: Cats are social animals and prefer a companion. Having two may be easier than one!

Watch their diet: Like humans, no two cats are the same. Consult your veterinarian about the best diet plan for your special feline friend.

If you follow these tips effectively, adopting and caring for a cat could be a breeze!

Alternative Solutions to Adoption

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If you’re unable to bring kitties into your home, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. There are many ways to participate in this month-long festivity:

Celebrating this special month is not only fun but also helps the lives of thousands of cats nationwide. Take time during this month to help a shelter or a stray cat and make a difference in your neighborhood. Leave out some milk and cat food outside for the stray cats to snack on and you’ll be helping out homeless animals everyday.

If you do decide to adopt, help make sure your new feline friend lives a long and prosperous life. Snatch a Prudent Pet quote today and keep them safe and healthy for their entire life with pet insurance.