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IS MY PET TOO OLD FOR PET INSURANCE?2020-12-10T00:11:10-06:00
No, we never deny coverage to a dog or cat based on their age or breed.
CAN I KEEP MY VET?2020-12-10T00:10:50-06:00
Yes, you can take your pet to any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada, including specialists and emergency care providers.
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?2020-12-10T00:10:31-06:00

The amount you pay every month is different for everyone based on your zip code, your pet’s breed, and your pet’s age. But don’t worry! You can customize your plan options so you’re able to find a plan that works with your budget. Get your pet’s quote now!

HOW DOES PRUDENT PET WORK?2020-12-10T00:09:37-06:00
It’s simple! You just pay your vet as you normally would. Then, you submit our simple claim form along with your vet receipts via email, mail, fax, or our online pet portal, which can be accessed directly from your phone or computer. We then reimburse you via check or direct deposit.
WHAT IS PET INSURANCE?2020-12-10T00:05:10-06:00
Pet insurance is insurance coverage that reimburses you for certain medical and surgical expenses you may encounter when your pet gets into an accident or becomes ill.


WILL MY COVERAGE EVER BE DROPPED?2020-12-10T00:43:08-06:00

We will not drop your coverage due to filing claims.


There is a 5 day waiting period for accident coverage and a 14 day waiting period for illness coverage. There is also a 6-month waiting period for all knee and ligament issues.

HOW LONG IS MY QUOTE VALID?2020-12-10T00:41:44-06:00

Quotes are subject to change and not guaranteed. To secure your quote, complete your policy purchase.

WHAT IS COVERED?2020-12-10T00:12:21-06:00

Coverage depends on the plan you choose. Most plans cover accidents and illnesses, but you can also select an accident-only plan. Accident coverage includes coverage for injuries and emergencies related to accidents, like torn ligaments, bite wounds, broken bones, lodged foreign objects, and ingestion of toxic substances.

Illness coverage includes coverage for the treatment of all kinds of illnesses, including cancer, arthritis, allergies, digestive problems, and UTIs. Plans can also cover hereditary and congenital conditions, dental disease, and destructive behavioral issues. For a full list of everything that’s covered, see here.


WHAT IS A WAITING PERIOD?2021-03-12T16:12:39-06:00

A waiting period is the time between your policy effective date and when your pet’s coverage begins. Prudent Pet has a 5-day waiting period for accident coverage and a 14-day waiting period for illness coverage. This means your accident and illness coverage policy for your pet will become active 5 days and 14 days respectively from the effective date of the policy.

There is also a 6-month waiting period for all knee or ligament issues; this is the case with all Prudent Pet policies.


The reimbursement percentage is how much money you get back from Prudent Pet after you submit your claim via our claims process. For example, if you have a $100 vet bill and you select a plan offering 90% reimbursement, you’ll get $90 back. If you’re looking to make your monthly payment lower, opt for a lower reimbursement.

WHAT IS A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION?2024-06-20T13:52:39-06:00

Pre-existing conditions are conditions that started before your pet’s policy effective date. Conditions are also considered pre-existing if they appear during a waiting period. Non-chronic conditions may be considered cured and not pre-existing anymore if they have been symptom and treat free for 365 days, with the exception of knee and ligament conditions. If a knee or ligament condition occurs before the coverage effective date or during the 180 day waiting period, any related future events won’t be covered. Although some pet insurance companies define pre-existing conditions differently, no pet insurance provider covers pre-existing conditions.


Hereditary and congenital conditions are ailments and illnesses common to certain breeds. Often, these don’t show up until later in your pet’s life. Depending on the Prudent Pet policy you select, there is coverage available for these types of conditions.

WHAT ARE THE EXCLUSIONS?2021-01-18T08:16:05-06:00

Exclusions are conditions and procedures not covered in your plan. For example, a cosmetic procedure for your pet would not be covered and is considered an exclusion. See here for a full list of exclusions.

WHAT IS A DEDUCTIBLE?2020-12-10T00:43:31-06:00

A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket before Prudent Pet will reimburse you for your vet bills. Usually policies with higher deductibles will cost less per month. However, you would then pay more out of pocket to the vet. You will get more money reimbursed if you select a lower deductible. It just depends on what you prefer!

WHAT IS AN ANNUAL COVERAGE LIMIT?2020-12-10T00:06:24-06:00
An annual policy limit is the maximum amount Prudent Pet will pay in any given policy period. For example, if you have a one-year $10,000 coverage limit, Prudent Pet would cover up to $10,000 after taking into account your deductible and reimbursement rates.

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