We get more questions about what’s not covered with Prudent Pet than we get questions about what’s included. Pet insurance coverage is generally standard across the board for all companies. For example, pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions because pet insurance carriers aren’t legally allowed to cover them in the United States.

We will only be discussing what is not covered with Prudent Pet, but feel free to dive deeper into what Prudent Pet insurance fully covers.

During this article, we will discuss the most common conditions that Prudent Pet does not cover. For a full list of what we do not insure, please visit our Sample Policy for a detailed list or give our agents a call at 888.820.7739.

Prudent Pet Does Not Cover:

Pre-Existing Conditions

In the United States, pet insurances are not permitted to cover pre-existing conditions. This includes any accidents that arise within a 5-day waiting period or illness conditions that arise within the 14-day waiting period after a policy is purchased. Our Pet Insurance 101 page tells you everything you need to know about pet insurance and pre-existing conditions. It explains the various policies Prudent Pet offers and dives deeper into what is covered and not covered with each specific policy or add-on.

Cosmetic or Aesthetic Procedures

These procedures can include ear cropping, tail dockings, caps, crowns, or root canals. Prudent Pet insurance does not cover dental cleanings unless they are associated with an accident or illness.

Grooming or Grooming Supplies

Any grooming service or grooming supplies are not insured by Prudent Pet. These can include ear cleanings, prescription baths, nail trims, or prescription shampoo. Nothing related to grooming is covered by Prudent Pet under any aspect.

Herbs or Natural Remedies

We do not cover any herbal or natural remedy medication for your dog or cat. These are unproven tactics and cannot be insured for their effectiveness. Prudent Pet Insurance only covers vaccinations or necessary medicine to keep your animals safe.

Vet House Calls or Travel Expenses

Only vet visits are covered with pet insurance. We do not insure house calls for veterinarians. We also do not cover the travel expenses associated with getting your pet to the vet. This can include gas, a crate for transport, or a leash to take your pet outside.


Maybe you’re taking a trip soon and need to board your dog or cat at the local service area. Unfortunately, we do not cover boarding expenses for your pets while you’re out of town.

Anal Gland Expression

If something is wrong with the anal gland of your dog or cat and is not infected, Prudent Pet cannot cover that region. No disease is present because the anal gland is not infected. Therefore, we cannot account for this.


Prudent Pet does not cover food or special diets for your dog or cat. Even if the food is prescribed for weight loss, health issues or general health by a veterinarian, we will not pay for it. However, we will cover food if it is used to dissolve existing bladder stones and crystals in urine.

Ligaments with Prior Conditions on the Opposing Knee or Ligament

This might seem like we don’t insure any ligament or knee issues, but that isn’t the case. We cover every knee or ligament issue, unless the opposite leg had issues prior, because it’s considered a pre-existing condition that would have affected the other leg.  We do have a 180 day waiting period for knee and ligament issues, however, this can be waived if your pet is examined by a vet within the first thirty (30) days of the policy and the medical record specifically notes your pet does not have any pre-existing conditions relating to its knee.

This would go into effect if the front right leg had ligament issues months before you purchased a policy, and then the front left leg developed similar issues after your policy was purchased. This counts as a pet insurance pre-existing condition because the ligament strain on one leg affected the other leg, despite being months later.

Funerals, Urns, and Burials

We’re crazy about our pets, and we’re sure nobody loves your furry little friend more than you do; cremation/burial fees are only covered in the Ultimate policy and are subject to certain limitations.  Otherwise we do not cover expenses associated after the passing of a dog or cat. Despite this fact, they will always be a part of your family and our Prudent Pet family forever.

Have more questions? Need more answers? Explore our FAQs or chat with an agent.

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