There’s no secret, puppies and kittens are mischievous creatures. Unfortunately, accidents occur when we least expect them, and we always have to be ready for the unexpected. Prudent Pet’s Accident-Only policy offers coverage on all accidents that happen to your little family member.

This type of pet insurance policy is less comprehensive than our Accident & Illness plan[1] , but the Accident-Only plan is the most affordable option we offer at the lowest pet insurance cost.

We all know that accidents are common in life, but what exactly does this accident best pet insurance plan cover? We’re here to answer the most common questions with the Accident-Only policy, but if we miss any, feel free to reach out at 888-820-7739.

What Does the Accident-Only Plan Cover?

Similar to all of our plans, the Accident-Only plan covers any accidents that occur outside of the 14-day waiting period. After your policy is purchased, a 14-day waiting period begins, where no pet insurance claims can be made.

Sadly, instant pet insurance coverage is not available; the 14-day waiting period is mandatory. This is universal for pet insurance plans for dogs and cats.

What’s Considered an Accident?

All of the situations listed below are considered accidents; they will all be covered by Prudent Pet.

  • Broken bones
  • Hit by a car
  • Sprains (soft tissue issues)
  • Wounds (cuts or lacerations)
  • Burn injuries (chemical or fire)
  • Foreign body ingestion (ate something that is not digestible)
  • Toxicity (poisonous substance is ingested)

This is not a full list of all covered accidents; these are just a few examples of the most common accidents we encounter. For a complete list, please visit our Sample Policy.

Does the Accident-Only Plan Cover Diagnostic Tests?

In short, yes, the Accident-Only pet insurance plan covers diagnostic tests related to the accident. If any X-rays, bloodwork, ultrasounds, or MRIs are needed, they will all be covered under your pet insurance policy.

Does the Accident-Only Plan Cover Injury Treatment?

Yes, your pet insurance policy coverage will cover any injury treatment related to the accident, other than heart or organ transplants. Please see the list below for the most common procedures we cover for pet injuries.

  • Surgery
  • Medications (prescription or OTC)
  • Hospitalization
  • Physical therapy
  • Alternative therapy (acupuncture or chiropractic)
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Lab exams
  • Consultations
  • Lab tests

Once again, this is not an exhaustive list of every injury treatment we insure. This is only the most common way to treat an injury that Prudent Pet covers. For a more expansive list, please see our Sample Policy.

Is the Deductible Annual or per Condition?

Prudent Pet’s deductible is annual and will continue to be used until the full amount has been satisfied. It will be applied to any eligible condition, and you will be reimbursed once you have reached your deductible. The reimbursement percentage will be based on which percentage you choose when first obtaining a policy.

Can I Use this Pet Insurance Plan at any Vet?

Yes. All of our dog insurance policies and cat insurance policies can be used at any licensed veterinarian in the country.

Have more questions? Need more answers? Explore our FAQs or chat with an agent.

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