How to Groom a Dog at Home

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If you’ve been perusing the web recently, you’ve probably stumbled upon a few videos of how to cut your hair at home during this pandemic. With hair salons closing up their doors until further notice, we’ve all been forced to be a little more creative with hair care solutions. Not only have we picked up

Happy National Black Cat Day

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The Halloween season is right around the corner and so is National Black Cat Day on October 27th. Coincidentally in accordance with the Halloween time of year, National Black Cat Day is important because many avoid adopting or purchasing black cats due to the negative stereotypes. Black cats spend 13% more time in shelters than

All About Mutts

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. There are so many breeds nowadays it’s tough to recognize which pups are what. You see doggos with mixed colors, different patterns, and colors, and varying snout and tail lengths. Where did all these variations come from? Over the years dogs have been bred with other breeds to

Badass Dogs: Police Dogs

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Dogs are our best friends and love us unconditionally, but they also can hold some very important jobs. At Prudent Pet, we want to recognize the animals that are serving our communities by emBARKing on a series of blogs titled Badass Dogs. The roles pups are responsible for are certified badass and include Police K9s,

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