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How to Brush a Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth is essential to their overall health care. It keeps their breath smelling fresh and helps prevent canine gum disease along with other diseases caused by poor dental health. A buildup of plaque and tartar can lead to a loss of...

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How Tags For Hope Saves Animal Lives

As a brand dedicated to humans and their animals, Prudent Pet is always eager to work with other like-minded pet companies. So when our team discovered Tags For Hope, we knew right away they would be the perfect partner. Since 2014, Tags For Hope has been...

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The Newest Breeds of Dogs in 2020

When you’re at the dog park socializing with the other pet owners while your furry little buddies run around, the usual chit-chat ensues. What’s your dog’s name? How old are they? What’s their breed? That last question may bring you into unfamiliar territory. You...

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Do Pets Need Annual Physical Exams?

Our pets are different from us in many ways, humans normally don’t chew on rocks and socks like our fur babies, but we’re similar in one way: physical exams. Humans make a yearly trip to the doctor to make sure everything is working correctly, and we...

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English Bulldogs: Health Issues

English Bulldogs are grumpy-looking dogs with a sweet, loving disposition. They are gentle, stubborn, and unfailingly loyal. They love human contact and will stay by your side. They need only a moderate amount of exercise and do great in small apartments....

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