Dog jumps high It happens so fast. In a blink of an eye, everything could change. In my time as a pet owner, I’ve had everything from an energetic puppy who sprints out the door in a moment’s notice, to an older pup who respects the rules and stays in the yard. No matter what kind of dog you have, there is always a chance they could run in front of a car or chase a wild animal. If you’re currently living somewhere without a fenced-in area for your pup, you might be curious to learn how to keep your furry friend from straying inside your property. No one wants their pet to escape, become lost, or get into trouble, especially if that could lead to them becoming injured. You may be surprised to learn that you have options when it comes to containing your beloved pal safely. If you are currently researching types, you may want to consider a few factors when deciding which fence is right for your dog; these may include training, location, and lifestyle. Our guide helps pet owners choose a reliable, safe option for their fur baby so they can have peace of mind.

What Are the Different Kinds of Perimeter Fences for Dogs?

Dog parent and dog play outdoor Containment fences come in all shapes and sizes; therefore, it’s important to determine which one is best for your situation. We examine which fences are good for various yard sizes, lifestyle habits, and dog behaviors.

Virtual Fences

Perimeter Fences device shows Spot On You may be wondering what a virtual fence even is. Unlike a typical invisible fence, a virtual dog fence utilizes a blend of training and GPS locating to keep your pet safe. Virtual fences can be an option for dog owners who:

  • Want to be able to track your dog if they leave the perimeter
  • Have a yard with uneven terrain
  • Want to have a portable dog fence they can take when they travel
  • Are interested in setting different boundaries and perimeters with ease

Virtual fences like SpotOn Fence, are hitting the industry by storm. Pet owners are intrigued by this new kind of perimeter fences for dogs because it allows them to be flexible.

Invisible Fences

Labrador enjoys outdoor in fall Invisible and electric fences for dogs are, in essence, the same technology: wires that are placed on the perimeter of your yard that will send an alert to the dog’s shock collar when they have crossed the perimeter. There is usually a warning beep before a small shock to help the dog learn where the boundaries are set. These are a popular choice for dog owners who don’t want to invest in a physical fence. Invisible dog fences can be a good choice for owners who:

  • Don’t want to invest in a physical fence
  • Are worried about a gate being left open
  • Have an active dog who may jump over or dig under a physical fence
  • Don’t want a fence to block their view and would prefer an underground fence

One of the major issues with an invisible dog fence is that large dogs may ignore the shock if they are motivated enough. In addition, wires and electrical currents can be interrupted, causing disarmament to the fence. This can be worrisome, especially if you are relying on the shock as a deterrent rather than the actual training.

Physical Fencing

Beagle gets ready to catch a ball A physical perimeter fence for dogs can either be made of plastic, metal, or wood. Depending on your dog’s ability to jump, you will have to determine how tall you want your fence to be. The most recommended height for a fence is six feet. A physical perimeter fence for dogs is an option for dog owners who:

  • Already are interested in a fence and want privacy from their neighbors
  • Live on terrain that is smooth and uncomplicated
  • Don’t want other animals entering their yard

Perimeter fences for dogs are chosen based on dog breed and lifestyle. It’s important to contain your dog to keep them safe. Whether it be a dog walking by who gets off-leash or a fast car driving through your neighborhood, you want to keep your dog away from potentially life-threatening situations.

How Do Containment Fences Keep Pets Safe?

Dog runs on an asphalt road The unfortunate fact is that dogs who stray from their yard can get seriously injured. In fact, 1.2 million puppers get hit by cars, and shockingly, close to 10 million run away each year. Which perimeter fence you choose will determine how well it will work; however, in most cases, perimeter fences for dogs work extremely well to keep them out of harm’s way. No matter which one you decide upon, all perimeter fences are designed to keep your pet out of the street.

Why Is It Beneficial to Invest in a Virtual Fence?

2 dogs wear Perimeter Fences device Virtual fences like SpotOn Fence help train your dog to stay in your yard and track them if they break the barrier. SpotOn connects to your phone and immediately alerts you when your dog has left the chosen area. Some benefits of investing in a virtual fence are:

  • Having a portable dog fence allows you to take your fence on-the-go
  • Locating your dog at a moment’s notice with an easy app
  • Being able to swim with the waterproof smart collar
  • Training is easy with their network of expert trainers

If you’re interested in getting a truly wireless dog fence, SpotOn Fence is the way to go. Their system pushes notifications straight to your phone and allows you to easily set up multiple containment areas by simply walking a perimeter. Giving your dog freedom to roam is great if you’re planning to go camping or travel. Pets can get wander off and get lost easily if you’re in a new place. Having a mobile, wireless dog fence makes bringing your pet along for an adventure easy as can be. Wireless dog fences like SpotOn work in conjunction with their training program. They have in-person and virtual training sessions by experts who can help teach your dog the ropes in no time. If you’re interested in learning more about virtual, GPS-tracking fences like SpotOn visit their website today.

Keeping Dogs Safe With Pet Insurance

Vet and dog exchange handshakes Taking proactive measures like choosing the right fence for your dog and enrolling in pet insurance is key to ensure their safety. Prudent Pet offers accident and illness coverage that includes everything from broken bones to heart disease. In case your dog strays from your yard and gets injured, you will have peace of mind that your dog insurance will cover the bills. Enroll today and get a FREE, no-obligation quote or give us a call at 888.820.7739 to learn more.