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Pet Insurance for Cats

Prudent Pet offers Accident-Only and Accident + Illness pet insurance policies that are customized to your cat’s individual needs. 

We believe your kitty deserves the best possible care regardless of the cost. That’s why we reimburse up to 90% back on eligible cat medical costs, based on the plan you choose.*

Prudent Pet goes above and beyond to offer flexible options like preventive care that covers annual exams, dental cleanings, heartworm, and flea prevention. You won’t find those options with other cat pet insurance providers.

Prudent Pet Cat Insurance Coverage includes:

  • Budget-Friendly Plans
  • Custom Cat Insurance Coverage
  • A Flat 14-day Waiting Period
  • No In-Network Requirements, Keep your Local Veterinarian
  • A Quick Claims Process

We know cat pet insurance policies can be difficult to figure out. That’s why we’re advocates of helping people understand the ins and outs of pet insurance in simple human terms. 

Let us concentrate on keeping your cat’s medical bills down, so you can focus on making memories with your furry friend. Are you curious what isn’t covered by our health insurance for your cat? You can gain a better understanding by exploring our transparent and easy to understand guide.

Most Popular Prudent Pet Cat Names

  1. Luna
  2. Oliver
  3. Charlie
  4. Kitty
  5. Milo
  6. Oreo
  7. Simba
  8. Leo
  9. Max
  10. Bella

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Cat Pet Insurance: Customer Testimonials

Since we would rather let our service and plans speak for themselves, we invite you to research what others have to say about our customer service and health insurance for pets. Real Prudent Pet customers are sharing their experiences with our company, and we want you to know what they think! Your pet deserves the best possible care and we hope you consider pet health insurance for your cat.

Cat Insurance Coverage

Common Medical Costs for Cats

Our people love animals, and we believe all pets should enjoy good health while receiving the best veterinary care. In addition to offering good cat insurance, we provide pet parents with pet news about pet care, heartwarming pet stories, and the latest pet trends. 

Finding the best pet insurance for your cat comes down to their individual needs and your budget. We believe the best approach is to get a custom cat insurance quote for your best friend.

With Prudent Pet you’re choosing peace of mind and can feel confident you’ve made an informed decision about your cat’s insurance provider.

Prudent Pet Kitty Spotlight

Monty lying down on the floor

At Prudent Pet we’re passionate about the cats in our lives. They’re the real inspiration behind our company and the reason we feel it’s important for all cat owners to be able to provide the best possible healthcare to their pets regardless of the cost. Meet our staffer’s fur babies in the Prudent Pet Kitty Spotlight and we dare you to resist the urge to boop each one.

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