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Coverage for your furry fam

Cat Insurance

Prudent Pet offers Accident-Only and Accident + Illness pet insurance policies that are customized to your cat’s individual needs.

We believe your kitty deserves the best possible care regardless of the cost. That’s why we reimburse up to 90% back on eligible cat medical costs, based on the plan you choose.*

Prudent Pet goes above and beyond to offer flexible options like wellness coverage that covers annual exams and dental cleanings. You won’t find those options with other cat pet insurance providers.

Prudent Pet Dog Insurance

Our Plans

Prudent Pet Offers Accident & Illness, Accident-Only as well as Optional Wellness Coverage to protect your pup at any age.

Pick your plan. Pick your price.

Prudent Pet Insurance offers Accident & Illness plans or Accident Only plans, with the ability to pick a price that works best for your budget.

Optional Coverage

For your pets routine and recurring care, because staying ahead of a problem is half the battle.

Prudent Pet Cat Insurance

Health Insurance for your Cat

We know cat pet insurance policies can be difficult to figure out. That’s why we’re advocates of helping people understand the ins and outs of pet insurance in simple human terms.
Let us concentrate on keeping your cat’s medical bills down, so you can focus on making memories with your furry friend. Are you curious what isn’t covered by our health insurance for your cat? You can gain a better understanding by exploring our transparent and easy to understand guide.

  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Custom catinsurance coverage
  • A 5 day waiting period for accidents and a 14 day waiting period for illnesses
  • No in-network requirement, keep your local veterinarian
  • A quick claims process

You can gain a better understanding by exploring our transparent and easy to understand guide.

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For Pet Parents, by Pet Parents

Prudent Pet Cares for your Cat

Our people love animals, and we believe all pets should enjoy good health while receiving the best veterinary care.

In addition to offering good cat insurance, we provide pet parents with pet news about pet care, heartwarming pet stories, and the latest pet trends.

Finding the best pet insurance for your cat comes down to their individual needs and your budget. We believe the best approach is to get a custom cat insurance quote for your best friend.

With Prudent Pet you’re choosing peace of mind and can feel confident you’ve made an informed decision about your cat’s insurance provider.

Coverage for your furry fam

Cat Insurance

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Some feisty kittens

Popular Cat Breeds We Cover


Abyssinians, also referred to as Abys, are one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. Their ancestry can be traced to the Nile Valley. Recent studies show…

Exotic Shorthair

With a lineage that includes both Persian and American Shorthair cats, Exotic Shorthairs combine the best traits of both breeds. Exotic Shorthairs are playful like

American Shorthair

Many British households kept cats to help control rodents in plague-ridden Europe. When settlers from England began coming to America, they brought their cats on

Maine Coon

They can grow up to 50 inches long, close to the size of your TV at home! The Coon was introduced to the U.S., specifically Maine, in the 1800s.

Domestic Longhair Cat

The locks blessed feline also hails by the names of the long-haired house cat and long-haired moggie. They were originally bred as a house cat


Several types of terriers were bred to create the Yorkie, whose small stature and tenacity made it ideal for catching rats in mines and mills. The Yorkie was also occasionally brought


These purse-sized pooches pack plenty of sass and personality into their small frames. Ancient relics from Mexico and the Americas dating back to approximately 1300

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