Since you’re here with us, you’ve already decided that you want the very best for your furry family member. We’re excited you’re doing your due diligence and learning about pet insurance with Prudent Pet. We’re here to help you figure out which pet insurance plan works best for your unique pet.

While researching pet insurance companies, you may start to have specific questions like, what does dog and cat wellness care include? Will my plan cover dental procedures? How about vaccines like Rabies and Bordetella? And what’s the deal with pre-existing conditions, why don’t companies cover them? We have the answers to these questions and many more because we want you to understand your coverage clearly so that your pets can enjoy good health and receive the best care possible.

What is Dog & Cat Wellness Coverage?

Wellness coverage, also known as wellness care, includes routine wellness treatments that help prevent your pet from becoming ill. This routine care can include vaccines that protect your pet from viruses, such as Rabies or Bortadella.

In most cases, it’s easier to prevent illnesses than to treat them. Our wellness coverage add-ons help cover most preventive healthcare options either in full or can partially offset the cost of more expensive items like dental treatment cleanings. Learn more about wellness care for your pet now.

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What Is Not Covered with Prudent Pet?

Understanding what is not covered with your pet insurance is just as important as knowing what is covered. At Prudent Pet, we’re committed to transparency and ensuring it’s easy to find and understand what your specific policy covers.  And while we can’t cover everything, we offer comprehensive coverage for the times when you pet is sick or injured. We even cover hereditary and congenital conditions so long as they aren’t pre-existing (your pet hasn’t previously exhibited symptoms and/or been treated for them).

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Does Pet Insurance Cover Dental Costs?

Both our Accident Only and Accident+Illness policies will cover tooth extractions due to injury (broken tooth). The more comprehensive plan, the Accident+Illness policy, will include cleaning and extraction secondary to periodontal disease as long as it isn’t pre-existing. Pets should be receiving annual exams including an annual dental exam. Dental cleanings should be performed as recommended by your veterinarian. If an owner neglects to care for their pet’s teeth, we generally will not cover dental disease. Brush up on what we cover for your pet’s dental costs.

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What Does the Accident-Only Policy Cover?

Prudent Pet’s more affordable policy, the Accident-Only policy, only covers injuries caused by an accident. Since the policy is less expensive, it obviously covers less. Accident only policies cover things like broken bones, swallowed objects, diagnostic tests like MRI’s, CT scans and much more. Accident-Only policies do not cover times when your pet is sick. You would need to purchase an Accident & Illness policy to cover both accidents and illnesses.

Learn More About Our Accident-Only Policy

What Does the Accident & Illness Policy Cover?

The more comprehensive policy is the Accident & Illness policy. With more coverage than Accident-Only, this policy covers your pet for any complications due to an accident or illness. Accident & Illness policies cover a wide breadth of maladies from broken bones to cancer and everything in-between (as long as the condition isn’t pre-existing). Sounds awesome, right?

Learn More About Accident & Illness Policy

Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying and Neutering?

When you purchase wellness coverage, spay/neuter is paid according to a benefit schedule. Prudent Pet covers spaying and neutering under both the ‘medium’ and ‘high’ wellness benefit add-on plans. The wellness benefit is optional and can be added on to either the Accident Only or Accident + Illness plan. The amount covered is determined by a schedule of benefits. There’s no waiting period or deductible and benefits begin the day after you sign up for coverage. Overall, spaying and neutering is a procedure that we cover, but is not part of the Accident-Only or Accident + Illness plans. Freshen up on the technicalities.

Learn About Spaying and Neutering

Will Your Pet Insurance Cover Shots & Vaccines?

Routine vaccinations are not covered by our standard policies, but they can be covered when you purchase a wellness add-on to either your Accident-Only or your Accident & Illness policy. When you choose to vaccinate your pet, you’re helping to protect them and others from infectious diseases that can spread to other animals and sometimes people. Some vaccinations like Rabies are also mandatory in most states. Explore vaccine reimbursements for dogs and cats.

Learn More About Shots & Vaccines

What’s the Deal with Pet Insurance & Pre-existing Conditions?

Most pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing chronic conditions. A pre-existing condition has occurred before the purchase of your policy or during the waiting period of the plan. Prudent Pet’s waiting periods are 5 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses. Companies do not include these conditions because they would be taking on financial responsibility for a condition that began before the customer’s coverage. This is why it’s a great idea to get your pet insured early – before any conditions arise. Learn more about why pet insurance won’t cover pet pre-existing conditions.

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Have more questions? Need more answers? Explore our FAQs or chat with an agent.

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