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Dental Costs

Dental coverage information from Prudent Pet

How Does Prudent Pet’s Dental Coverage Work?

Both our Accident-Only and Accident+Illness policies will cover extractions due to injury (i.e. broken tooth). The Accident+Illness policy will also cover dental cleanings due to periodontal disease as long as the periodontal disease was not pre-existing before or during the waiting period.

The coverage for the procedures under your Accident-Only or Accident+Illness policy will be reimbursed based on your policy selections. Like human health insurance, you must meet your annual deductible before you can get reimbursed. The percentage you receive back is based on your choice when you purchased the policy.

Do Preventative Care Add-Ons Help Cover Dental Costs?

We also offer pet dental care coverage in both of our preventative care add-on policies, which provide coverage for routine/preventative dental cleanings. The two options for reimbursement under the add-ons are $100 towards dental cleaning on Basic and $150 on the Prime plan.

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