Most pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing chronic conditions. A pre-existing condition has occurred before the purchase of your policy or during the waiting period of the plan. Companies do not include these conditions because they would be taking on financial responsibility for a condition that began before the customer’s coverage.

Why Doesn’t Pet Insurance Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

If pet insurance companies made exceptions for all pre-existing conditions, they would go out of business since the payments going out on all claims would be much higher than the money coming in on premiums. That does not mean they will not cover any condition that takes place before the policy begins.

Many pets will have an illness or injury that takes place prior to their owner buying a policy. In the case that it is not ongoing/chronic, and is a one-time incident that resolves on its own or through treatment, Prudent Pet may cover the illness or injury. Our policy states that if a pre-existing condition is considered cured or resolved by a licensed veterinarian, and 365 days pass without related treatment, any future incident would be considered eligible for coverage. Explore what is covered with Prudent Pet and learn what’s best for your special pet!

Are you still not sure if pet insurance is right for your dog or cat? Our FAQs and Pet Insurance 101 can help you decide.

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