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What You Need to Know About 3D Printing in Vet Medicine

By |2022-06-21T09:40:57-06:00January 9, 2022|

3D printing is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the healthcare field, both for humans and in the veterinary sector. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is being used by more vets everyday to cope with anything from implants to prosthetics to tissue replacements. Vets are slowly turning to these 3D printing medical devices because

Top-8 Common Cat Diseases

By |2021-06-21T09:07:06-06:00June 20, 2021|

Our pets are very precious to us, so much to the point where we would do anything to keep them safe. Most people buy cat insurance to ensure their furbaby’s well-being. Cat insurance can help protect their parent’s wallets if the kitty were to become sick or get in an accident. Unfortunately, cats get sick

Famous Dogs in Battle & War

By |2020-12-16T10:01:02-06:00April 16, 2020|

War heroes are known for their courageous and brave personality; war dogs just like those men and women that risk their lives on the battlefield every day. Those fearless pups and their handlers sacrifice their lives to protect this country and they deserve recognition. Military dogs aren’t a new concept, especially for Americans. Sources say the

How are Your Prudent Pet Policies Built?

By |2020-12-16T11:09:12-06:00March 12, 2020|

Insurance is confusing; there’s no shame in admitting that. Pet insurance is also bundled into that wide category of insurance, which increases the bewilderment because many people don’t even know pet insurance exists. Despite being under that same insurance umbrella, cat insurance and doggo insurance differ quite a bit from other forms of insurance, such

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