Our little furballs are important members of the family, and they deserve to be treated as such! Medical care and insurance are must-haves for us humans, but when we think of pets, these necessities aren’t viewed as necessary and that shouldn’t be the case.

Unknown medical bills come out of thin air, so its important to have some reassurance. Pet insurance allows you to have coverage for your pooch or kitty if something were to go wrong. These policies will offset some of those costly vet bills for stuff as routine as annual exams, or more serious issues such as broken legs.

Prudent Pet has some of the best pet insurance plans that cover almost every issue you could imagine. Our plans include everything from accidents to illnesses to spaying and neutering, along with routine exams and preventative care. No matter what you want covered, we have the flexible options you’re looking for.

Best Plan for Accidents – Accident-Only Policy

Injured dog with bandage

Let’s be honest here. Pets can be mischievous little creatures. They eat rocks, chew on socks, and might attack anything they see. While our furbabies are simply curious by nature, they aren’t always the ones to blame when accidents arise.

Enter Prudent Pet’s Accident-Only policy, which protects your pet in case of all accidental injuries. This policy is the best pet insurance policy for dogs and cats because of the amount of mischief both participate in. No matter how many accidents Fido has, his parents will always receive reimbursement because the lowest available reimbursement percentage is 70%.

Every Prudent Pet policy includes exams fees and treatment, but the Accident-Only policy even includes chemotherapy, surgery, stem-cell therapy, and acupuncture related to accidents.

Best Comprehensive Plan – Accident + Illness Policy

Sick dog with ice bag on head

The Accident + Illness policy is by far the most comprehensive policy that Prudent Pet offers. Not only does this include everything from the Accident-Only policy, but it covers illnesses (obviously), hereditary conditions, and behavioral issues. This is commonly viewed as the best dog insurance for older dogs because of the hereditary conditions that don’t show up until later in a dog’s life.

Just like the name suggests, this policy covers your furry little family member when they’re hurt or sick. But, don’t be afraid if you’re a cat owner, the Accident + Illness policy is also the best pet insurance for cats because it covers ligament issues, which are common in all kitties.

Best Dental Care Plan – Basic Preventive Care

Cat lies and holds a tooth bush

Nobody wants a sad and suffering pet, so how can you stop that from happening? The answer is Basic Preventive Care. Not only does the Basic Preventive Care cover dental, it also includes regular exams, shots/vaccines, and tests that can help prevent broader issues such as dental disease.

Like all of our other pet insurance plans, this can be used for dog and cat health insurance. However, this form of the best pet insurance is only available as an add-on to one of our other policies, such as Accident-Only or Accident + Illness, it cannot be purchased alone.

Why Do I Need A Preventive Add-On?

You can’t dodge every obstacle, and neither can your precious furbaby, but there are precautions you can take to avoid these problems. For a little more money, you can add a preventive care option to stop these health issues from happening in the first place.

Best Spaying and Neutering Plan – Prime Preventive Care

Female vet and dog with cone in the clinic

Spaying and neutering is something many pet owners take advantage of. Wouldn’t it be nice to get reimbursed for this costly procedure? The Prime Preventive Care option has this specific ability.

This extra feature reimburses you a certain amount for spaying and neutering, prevalent exams, cleaning, and vaccines. If you take your pup to their annual exams and have tests done regularly, this is the best pet insurance plan for you.

In terms of the pet insurance cost, the Prime package can run as low as $25/month but provides you with an annual benefit of $450 in coverage.

So What is the Best Pet Insurance?

Dog and kitty taking a nap together

We might be a little biased, but it’s no surprise; we genuinely believe the best pet insurance is Prudent Petand we’re not alone! The best pet insurance reviews for Prudent Pet can be found on Trustpilot, where Prudent Pet is the #1 Rated Pet Insurance company. Not bad if we say so ourselves.

The variety of options is wide for any customer’s needs, not to mention their coverage. For more information on pet insurance pricing and coverage, see how Prudent Pet stacks up in our pet insurance comparison chart that compares our plans to other popular pet insurance companies.

No matter which pet insurance company you go with, make sure to weigh all of your options. Get a quote from Prudent Pet and see what you might be missing.