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PrettyLitter and PrettyPlease Review

As wellness trends become increasingly popular for humans it’s no surprise the same is happening for pets. In recent years, many companies have dedicated more time and resources to making their products as sustainable and healthy as possible. Even as these...

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Badass Dogs: Search and Rescue Dogs

The third post in Prudent Pet’s Badass Dogs series uncovers the fantastic stories of search and rescue dogs. These pups are heroes deserving recognition and frequent celebration. They help save lives as well as provide hope for many people worldwide....

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Introducing New Pets: Dogs

Whether you’re introducing a dog to a puppy, to a visiting friend or moving to a new area with your pet, first impressions matter. Like humans, dogs get a lot of information from their first meeting, and how it goes can set the tone for their lifelong...

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The Prudent Pet Dogs BarkBox Review!

Prudent Pet loves dogs. And we love people who love dogs. So it makes sense that we partnered with our friends at BarkBox to review some of their legendary Halloween toys and treats.  BarkBox was kind enough to send us our own themed box for our pups to...

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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

We all want to feel like we’re taking good care of our furry friends. They’re not just pets; they’re our family. And when they give us that look, some of us can’t help but give them an extra treat to show our affection. But in 2018, about 60% of cats and...

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Breeds 101: Hound Dogs

Hound dogs are some of the most popular pups to own in America. According to the AKC, beagle hounds, one of the best-recognized hound breeds, are the 6th most popular breed in America. In addition to being excellent hunting dog breeds, these charismatic...

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Happy Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), October marks Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. The ASPCA sponsors hundreds of events each year in hopes of raising awareness for animals, whether it be dogs in shelters or take...

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Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Our dogs are some of the most precious things in our lives. We always care for them and shower them with love and affection, but how far would you be willing to pay for your pup? We all put different costs into our doggo. Some of us buy our pet from a...

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