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American Long-Haired cats include many different cats within this category.

American Long-Haired cats aren’t actually a breed, but a mix of many different cat breeds with long-hair. We can trace the American Long-Haired ancestry to the cross-breeding of Persian and American short-hair cats. They’re often confused with a similar cat known as the Domestic Long-Hair. In comparison, American Long-Hairs must have a pedigree that can be traced back to both the American Shorthair and the Persian, where the Domestic does not.

Even though their bloodlines are not easily traced, it’s believed the American Long-Haired originated in Western Asia. During the 16th century, American Long-Haired cats were imported into various parts of Eastern Europe. In the mid-17th century during the Bubonic Plague, American Long-Haired cats were kept to ward off flea-ridden rats. Their populations increased quite drastically during this time, causing them to be imported in other parts of the world.

Prudent Pet Fact: Did you know 10% of the 90 million cats in the US are American Long-Haired cats?

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About American Long-Hairs

Due to the fact they aren’t technically a breed, American Long-Hairs can be many types of colors and patterns.

The length of their hair can range from an inch to over six inches long. Because of this, they are considered to be a high-maintenance cat that requires more grooming than their short-haired counterparts.

When you think of an independent cat who likes its space, you may be thinking of an American Long-Hair. They tend to be a bit more active than either of their parent breeds. For example, they’re more athletic than Persians, and more friendly than American Shorthairs tend to be.

American Long-Haired cats are mellow and easy going. They depend on a steady routine to keep them balanced and ready for their day. American Long-Hairs get along with other animals including horses; this in fact, causes them to be an excellent choice for a “barn cat”. In addition, they are skilled hunters always watching for birds and small rodents.

Prudent Pet Fact: Did you know, even active cats, spend almost 70 percent of their lives sleeping? On average, a healthy adult can sleep 10 to 13 hours per day.

Owning a American Long-Hair

American Long-Hair Health

Thankfully, American Long-Hairs are one of the few breeds that seem to have less health concerns when compared to other kinds of cats.

However, they do have an increased risk of hyperthyroidism which will need to be watched and managed.

Routine exams are important to track weight, attend to potential signs of arthritis and check their lungs for infection. Despite their overall healthiness, it’s important to be aware of these American Long-Haired cat health issues:

Major American Long-Hair Health Problems

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic kidney disease

Minor American Long-Hair Health Problems

  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Fur matting and skin infections
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At a glance

American Long-Hair Characteristics

  • Females: 8 - 10 inches
  • Males: 8 - 10 inches
  • Females: 8 - 11 pounds
  • Males: 10 - 12 pounds
  • 2 cups per day
Activity Level
  • Medium to High

Covering your American Long-Hair

Pet Insurance for American Long-Hairs

Due to the fact they live between 10 to 17 years, caring for American Long-Hair cat health issues can begin to add up as they progress in life.

American Long-Hairs are prone to a few major and minor illnesses. Enrolling your American Long-Hair in pet insurance can help cover those wellness care measures. Taking your feline companion to their annual checkups allows your vet to note any changes that could signify a potential issue later in life.

Here at Prudent Pet, we believe proactive healthcare, is the best healthcare. Not only does pet insurance help save you money on sudden accidents or illnesses, but it can save you peace of mind when it comes to your beloved furry pal. No matter what life throws your way, you’ll be ready with Prudent Pet insurance.

If you’re interested in learning more about pet insurance for American Long-Haired cats or any other pet, explore our website and click the button below to start the process today.

Rescue a kitty

American Long-Hair Rescues

Looking to rescue an American Long-Hair? Here are some of the top American Long-Hair rescues in the country: