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Prudent Pet Loves Bombay
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Prudent Pet Loves Bombay

Bombay cats are a relatively new cross-breed between Burmese and American Short-Hair.
Breeders specifically picked these two kinds of cats because of their unique characteristics: the Bombay’s tendency to have bright, copper yellow eyes and the Burmese’s slick, black coat. Bombays are a relatively new cat breed that was cross-bred in the 1950s and officially recognized in the 1970s. Bombays get their name from the large, industrialized port of India, now Mumbai.
Due to the fact the Bombays are not produced naturally and their genes were selected, they were also bred to be a close companion for humans. Unlike other breeds, Bombays are highly-intelligent and can be trained easily.
Prudent Pet Fact: Bombay cats were specifically bred to closely resemble an Indian Black Leopard, which is known for their fierce, yellow eyes. Due to these characteristics, they received the nickname: “Parlor Panther”.
Bred for Domesticated cat
bred for:
Domesticated cat
1953, Kentucky, U.S.
About Bombay
A fluffy kitten

About Bombay

Bombays are considered a part of the short-haired breed category.
Their glossy, black coat, pointed ears and muscular body is similar to a wild panther. Not only do their physical attributes resemble that of a black panther, but Bombays also have a characteristic walk they are known for. As a Bombay walks, their body appears to sway from side to side just like the Indian Black Leopard.
When it comes to their body shape, Bombays are stocky with heavy bones. They enjoy jumping and climbing, similarly to their wild counterparts. It’s recommended they stay indoors, because they often explore fairly far from their home and may not return. However, this depends on the individual cat’s personality and training.
Bombay cats have a unique, multi-faceted personality, which includes being fiercely loyal to their owners, while also demanding attention from them. Bombays love to indulge in play time and should have toys that are stimulating and entertaining. Due to their intelligence, they are very adaptable creatures, especially as they age.
Even though Bombays are considered medium-sized cats, they purr similarly to those of larger breeds. Their purr depends on their mood and often occurs when they’re being petted. The Bombay’s intelligence and personality are one of the most endearing factors that people love. Due to their tolerant behavior, Bombars are often good with babies and small children.
Owning a Bombay
Owning a Bombay

Bombay Health

Prudent Pet Fact: Just like dogs, Bombay cats are known to greet their family members at the door.
Thankfully, Bombays are one of the few breeds that have less health concerns when compared to other kinds of cats. However, they do have an increased risk of respiratory issues due to their short snout.
Routine exams are important to track weight, attend to excessive tearing in the eyes, and diagnosing early signs of respiratory issues. Despite their overall healthiness, it’s important to be aware of these Bombay cat health issues:
Major Bombay Health Problems
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Respiratory concerns
Minor Bombay Health Problems
Excessive tearing of the eyes
Weight issues
Bombay Characteristics
At a glance

Bombay Characteristics

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Females: 8-10 inches
Males: 8-10 inches
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Females: 8-12 lbs
Males: 12+ lbs
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1-2 cups per day
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Activity Level
Covering your Bombay
Due to the fact they live between 9-13 years, caring for Bombay cat health issues can begin to add up as they progress in life.
Even though they have very few major health concerns, Bombays should get regular exams to prevent weight gain and respiratory issues. Enrolling your Bombay cat in pet insurance can help cover those preventative measures. Taking your feline companion to their annual checkups allows your vet to note any changes that could signify a potential issue later in life.
Here at Prudent Pet, we believe proactive healthcare, is the best healthcare. Not only does pet insurance help save you money on sudden accidents or illnesses, but it can save you peace of mind when it comes to your beloved furry pal. No matter what life throws your way, you’ll be ready with Prudent Pet Insurance.
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