Pets are furry family members that have a permanent place in our homes and hearts. When the time comes for our beloved pets to cross the rainbow bridge, this time is an especially difficult one. Dealing with losing a pet is challenging. There are no specific guidelines we can follow to completely ease the pain. However, there are ways to lessen the pain and appreciate the time we were able to spend with our loving cats, dogs, or other pets.

The following offers some helpful tips on how to deal with losing a pet. It also provides insight into lending an ear and compassion for friends and loved ones who are learning how to cope with the loss of a pet.

Understanding Pet Remembrance

Dog and woman sit by the lake

When your pet passes away, it’s important to keep their memory alive. Pet remembrance comes in many different forms. Perhaps you have photos of your pet hung on the wall or maybe you have a special memorial corner set up in your pet’s favorite part of the room. But, keep in mind, pet remembrance doesn’t have to be a physical memorial. You can simply take the time to think of your pet and remember all of the wonderful times you were lucky enough to spend together.

The concept of pet remembrance is a common one. There’s even a special Pet Remembrance Day each year that is held the second Sunday in September. On this day, those who have lost a furry family member can take the day to honor the memory of their beloved pet. Keeping the memory of your pet alive will help you to acknowledge your pet’s passing and know they will always be held close in your heart.



Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

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When you’re feeling the loss of a pet and searching for ways to memorialize your furry best friend, there are ways to keep the memory of your animal alive. Here are some of the ways you can honor your pet:

  • Pet portrait: Many artists offer pet portrait services. They can take a photo of your faithful family member that has passed on and create a portrait based on the picture.
  • Pet photo album: You can create a photo album filled with beautiful pictures of your pet and always have it close by to look at when you want to remember your little buddy.
  • Write a letter to your dog or cat: Sometimes it helps to put your feelings down in written form. Maybe you think, “Hey, I want to write a letter to my dog who died.” Well then, definitely do so. Write a letter your dog or cat that has passed away and express how much you loved them and will always love them.

Dealing with the Grief

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As you deal with grief over the loss of your pet and ponder why losing a pet is so painful, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, it’s okay to feel this sadness and you should. This is a part of your family that has passed away and you’re bound to miss them terribly. Don’t hold that grief inside. Cry and feel sad over this loss. It’ll help you to get through it in the long run.

Also, look towards others to help you through your grief. There’s  bound to be other family members who feel the loss as well. Talk to them about the tough situation, as well as friends who understand how much you truly loved, and will always love, your furry buddy. By talking to others, not only will this help you to feel better but it’ll help them through this tough time, too.

What to Say and Do for Others When Their Pet Dies

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If it’s not you that’s going through the loss of a pet but a friend or loved one, there are a few things you can do to help them through this tough time if they come to you saying, “My dog died, what do I do?” First, simply talking to them about their loss and their loving pet will help them to work through their grief. It’s also a nice way to memorialize the pet and enable the pet owner to think of happy times when they were together.

Another way to help someone dealing with losing a pet and telling you, “My dog died” or “My cat died” is to give them a small gift with their pet in mind. Some options include a garden sculpture with the pet’s name on it or a personalized picture frame with a photo of their pet. You can also give quotes to those who say I am missing my dog who died. This way, any time that they look at the memento they will think of their loving dog, cat, or other animals.

Keep Your Pet’s Memory Close to Your Heart

2 kitties on the floor

Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy but the grief is something that will get easier as time goes on. This doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your pet. Always remember the wonderful times you had together; this will always keep your loving animal in your mind and close to your heart.

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