Dog cones: Most of our pets hate them just as much as we secretly kind of love them. The Elizabethan collar, or more commonly known as “the cone of shame”, has become a pop culture staple and a source of entertainment for pet owners.

However, the funny pet accessory is more than a meme. Pet cones have been around for years and serve real medical purposes for dogs and cats.

Dog wearing a collar in front of blue wall

History of the Elizabethan Collar

The Elizabethan collar, often shortened to e-collar, gets its name from the large ruffs worn by people in Elizabethan times. These collars were round and protruded out from the neck, much like the “cone of shame” and were very fashionable during their time.

But the purpose of dog cones is simple: stop animals from irritating certain areas of their bodies. The e-collar restricts the wearer’s movement to prevent pets from itching, licking or biting healing injuries like hot spots or wounds. Sometimes vets recommend Elizabethan collars for dogs and cats post-surgery, so they don’t bother their stitches.

Before the infamous cone of shame was patented in the late 1950s or early 1960s people resorted to homemade solutions, like cardboard and cushions taped together. Today, there is an array of options for your pup or cat to comfortably wear while their wound or sore spot heals.

Dog Cone Alternatives

Blue collar dog on wooden floor

Pet owners are constantly seeking alternatives to the traditional, stiff, hard plastic cones on the market. Not all pet cones are created equal or work for every dog. If you’re seeking a cone of shame alternative, these might do the trick:

  • BiteNot Collar

Though the BiteNot Collar is not a cone, it still helps limits neck movement and access to certain parts of a dog’s body. Plus, the BiteNot Collar doesn’t block their peripheral vision.

  • Soft Collar

Many pet parents prefer the Soft Collar to a traditional hard cone. The Soft Collar can be adjusted for maximum comfort on your pet and since the material is bendable your pal won’t have to sacrifice comfort when resting in their favorite positions.

  • Comfy Collar

The Comfy Collar is a great choice for pups who need their movement restricted, but also need flexibility for eating, drinking, and playing. Ensure your pup’s everyday activities aren’t limited by simply flipping the cone when needed.

  • Inflatable Collar

An Inflatable Collar is a great choice for optimal comfort and visibility. Since the Inflatable Cone won’t block your pup or cat’s vision, you won’t need to worry about them knocking into furniture while wearing it around.

How to Get Your Dog Used to a Cone

Small dog with collar at the beach

Needless to say, dogs aren’t always welcome to adorning the cone of shame. If you have a naturally anxious pup, extra time and patience may be required in order to get them to wear the Elizabethan collar.

So, what’s the best way to get your pet used to their temporary accessory?

  1. Get your dog acquainted

Introduce the cone or collar to your pet before putting it on. Let them see and sniff it so they aren’t completely surprised by the new embellishment.

  1. Make sure it fits properly

First, ensure your dog cannot access the irritated area while wearing the collar or cone. Next, it’s crucial to ensure your pet can still eat and drink properly while wearing it. It’s also important to make sure rough or sharper edges aren’t in contact with your pet’s skin. Run your fingers along the edges where the collar meets the neck and make sure any closures match up correctly. And of course, make sure they can’t chew or destroy the collar while wearing it!

  1. Keep your pet calm

Not all pets are susceptible to playing dress up. Keep some treats or their favorite toy nearby helps reduce stress and ease them through the process.


Caring for Your Pet

No matter why your pet needs the cone of shame, some medical issues need more care than others. An irritated hot spot can heal by simply leaving it unbothered and a cone can assist with this process. But some problems will require attention from veterinarians, and while we can’t always predict when a medical emergency will happen, getting your pet insured is the best way to protect your family from unexpected financial costs.

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