Whether your cat is an indoor cat or is allowed to explore the outdoors during the daytime, there may come a time when your beloved feline loses their way home. Experiencing the worry associated with a lost cat is a stressful experience. You worry about your furry family member out in the neighborhood where they could get hit by a car or come across a wild animal in their journey. Fortunately, there are ways to help you get your loving pet back home as soon as possible, whether you have a lost cat in Illinois or any other state.

The following will offer tips on how to find a lost indoor cat as well as how to find a lost cat outside. We’ll also provide some information on what to do if you come across a cat that seems to have wandered away from its owner.

Common Scenarios Where Cats Get Lost

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There are many ways that an indoor cat can find its way out of the house, or an outdoor cat can wander off. Some of the ways that your faithful companion might get lost include the following:

  • Someone leaves the door open, and your cat gets out
  • Your pet might make a run for it when trying to get your feline into a travel carrier
  • An outdoor cat might get caught up in enjoying the great outdoors and not want to come back home quite yet
  • Somebody might find your outdoor cat, think it’s a stray, and keep it
  • A pet sitter might not be paying attention, and your cat might get loose
  • A family member might be holding an indoor cat in an outside area, and the pet escapes from the individual’s arms

Both indoor and outdoor cats have the risk of getting lost, whether they get outside of the house one way or another, or they wander off, even if they’re generally outdoor pets. The good news is that there are ways to find a lost cat.

Steps to Take If You Lose Your Cat Outdoors

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If you find that your faithful feline is lost and you’re trying to find ways to find your pet, the following list includes steps to take to get your family member home safe and sound:

  • Put up lost cat signs around your neighborhood. People who go for daily walks or drive past the sign each day will know to keep a lookout for your pet. Make sure it contains a photo of your cat as well as your contact information.
  • Contact your local animal shelter to see if your cat is there.
  • Talk to everyone you come across in your area about your lost cat. Word of mouth will help to get your cat home faster.
  • Look online on any lost cat pet finder sites focused on your area.
  • Search for your cat, both during the day and nighttime hours. Have a can of cat food or cat treats with you in case you come across your pet and need to entice them with food. You don’t want to find your pet and then have it run off again.
  • Before any loss may occur, consider getting your cat microchipped. This way should your pet become lost and someone finds them, they can contact you quickly and get you reunited with your loving family member.
  • Keep checking your voicemail, email, text messages, etc. for any contact from individuals who find your pet.
  • Put a cardboard box upside down in your yard with a hole cut into it. Include some bedding inside and then put food and water outside of the box. Your pet may find its way back to you.
  • Go online and post something on your neighborhood Facebook page or a lost cat Facebook page, if there is one. Putting the word out to neighbors this way will help word to travel quickly.
  • If your pet has gotten out before or your outdoor cat likes to roam the neighborhood, look in areas that they often frequent. You may find your faithful companion in one of these spots.

How to Help a Friend or Family Member Find a Lost Cat

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If it’s a friend or family member who has lost their cat and you’re in the process of helping them find their loving cat, there are some things you can do to help. Pass along the list above to provide them with helpful hints to get their kitty home quickly and safely. You can also help them look for their pet, pass the word along to people you know, so they keep an eye out for the cat, and help your friend or family member pass out flyers or hang flyers around the neighborhood. By lending a hand, not only are you helping them get their cat home safe and sound, but you are providing support to your loved one when they are going through this scary time.

What to Do If You Find Someone Else’s Lost Cat

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If you happen to find someone else’s lost cat, here are a few things you can do to ensure the prompt reunion of the pet and their owner:

  • Look for a collar with identification
  • If you’re wondering how to find a lost cat with a microchip, contact your local animal shelter to see if they have found the cat
  • Put up lost cat posters
  • Keep the pet safe until the owner can be located
  • Put notifications on your neighborhood Facebook page, or cat lost and found page

These Tips Can Help You Reunite with Your Feline Friend

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When you have a lost cat or a lost dog, the most important thing to do is not to lose hope. Take a deep breath, try to remain calm, and know that your furry family member wants to get home just as much as you want them to get there. Most importantly, cats are smart and persistent. Even if they get a bit off their path, they are sure to find their way home again.

If you’re looking for other ways to keep your cat safe, have an emergency kit ready for your pet, and be sure to obtain cat insurance for all types of protection. Prudent Pet offers pet insurance coverage to keep your feline friend healthy and well cared for in many ways.

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