Dogs will eat just about anything, but when it comes to pills and medication, they tend to get stubborn. You never want to avoid giving your pup important medications just because they’re suspicious of swallowing pills. That’s why we compiled some tips on how to give a dog their pills, even if you don’t have puppy insurance for your pooch!

Whether you struggle with your pup’s monthly heartworm pills or wrestle daily with supplements, you’ll find new ways to sneak necessary meds into your dog’s routine.

The 6 Best Ways to Give Dog Pills

  1. Dog Pill Pockets

Pill pockets are dog treats that come with a pre-carved hole, perfectly sized for most pills. Pet pouches are an easy and stress-free way for humans to sneak in pups medication (like Milkbone’s delicious Pill Pouches!).

MILK-BONE pillpouches

  1. Natural Peanut Butter

Using peanut butter to coerce a dog is the oldest trick in the book. Simply scoop some out, stick the pill in, and voila! Your pup will be none the wiser.

But why natural peanut butter? Most nut butters on the market contain sugar, soy protein, corn syrup, and other stabilizers that may not be suitable for pups. Natural peanut butter is simply made with peanuts and salt.

  1. Bacon

Bacon is our meat of choice because you can wrap the pill in a blanket of bacon deliciousness. However, any small piece of tasty pup-friendly meat will work (tip: you can pull open a piece of chicken or turkey and slide the pill in!).

A dog pill in bacon roll

  1. Marshmallow

Although marshmallows hold no nutritional value and should only be consumed in moderation, they’re a nice treat for picky pups who refuse to swallow pills. Simply rip open the side of a marshmallow and stuff the pill inside. If you don’t have marshmallows around, you use a similar method with a piece of cheese!

  1. Banana

It’s easy to smoosh a pill into the side of a banana slice, which is why it’s one of our favorite methods (pro tip: carve a small pocket in an apple slice for more fruity goodness).

  1. Coconut Oil

Some veterinary professionals recommend covering a pill in coconut oil or butter when feeding it to your pup. This makes the pill slippery and lessens the chance of getting lodged on its way down. We prefer using coconut oil because it has other health benefits (like soft, shiny fur!).

Bonus Tips: Give A Dog Pills Without Food

Doggos are smart and won’t always fall for your trickery. Here’s how to get straight to the point when feeding pills to your dog without food:

  • Mash it up. Crush the pill and sprinkle it on top of your dog’s wet or dry food.
  • Feed it on a walk. Dogs are usually at their happiest when on a walk. Try giving it to them as a treat while they’re happy and distracted outside.
  • Massage it down. Open your dog’s mouth and slip the pill in the back of their throat. Gently hold their head up and massage the throat until your pup swallows.

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