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When you have to travel with your pet or simply want a vacation with your furry family member, it helps to know which hotels are most pet-friendly. And you want to be sure that your pet is comfortable and stress-free. From welcoming your pets with open arms to providing extra special goodies for your four-legged pal, there are specific pet-friendly hotels that go above and beyond in the pet pampering department. If you’re wondering how to find pet-friendly hotels, we can help!

The following offers a list of the best pet-friendly hotel chains in the U.S., one in each region, as well as what hotels allow pets for free. By perusing the list of hotels that accept pets you can see what each hotel chain offers and start making your plans for your pet-accompanied trip, whether it’s for leisure or necessity.

West: Kimpton La Peer Hotel, Los Angeles, California

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Kimpton Hotels is a pet-friendly hotel chain and the same can be said of its Los Angeles property, Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood. In addition to accommodating all pets for no fee, the Kimpton staff cater to dogs, cats, and other pets by offering a daily social hour where pets get treats and owners get wine.

Should you wish to take advantage of pet sitting and dog walking services offered by the hotel, you can sign up with the concierge. There is a cost for these services but they’re extremely handy to have in case you need them.

When you bring your pet to a Kimpton Hotel, you’ll need to fill out a waiver form stating you accept responsibility for any damage that may occur or cleaning that may be needed for your fur baby. However, with a pet as good as yours, this probably won’t ever come into play, right?

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Virgin Hotels is a newer chain hotel here in the U.S. but they’re starting on the right foot with a pet-friendly attitude. Virgin Chicago welcomes your pet from the moment they walk in the door, setting them up with a pet bandana and accommodating your best friend with a food bowl, pet bed, and even a special do-not-disturb porcelain dog that you can place outside of your room door so staff knows that you have a pet inside. And, there are no breed or size restrictions and no fees.

At certain times throughout the year, the hotel offers a Yappy Hour as well as outdoor dining with a pet menu for your pup. Does your dog have a birthday coming up? Be sure to schedule a dog birthday party for your stay

Southwest: Homewood Suites, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Homewood Suites Phoenix/Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona offers pet-friendly lodging, whether you’re staying a day or a month. This suite hotel can be a temporary home for you and your pet or a vacation stay…the choice is yours!

Four-legged friends are
allowed at this Homewood Suites location and others throughout the U.S. Your pet must weigh less than 50-pounds and there is a $100 nonrefundable fee to stay at the hotel, but know that your pet will be welcomed in with open arms.

Homewood Suites are often reasonably priced and offer kitchen amenities among other home comforts. This type of lodging is ideal for those who need an extended stay location during any time of the year.

Southeast: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee

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At the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Nashville, pups and kitties are catered to just as much as the human guests. They help you solve the problem regarding how to find dog-friendly hotels or cat-friendly hotels. With the mantra, “Loews Loves Pets” you can rest assured that your pet will be treated with high-class service throughout your entire stay. Some of the treats your pet is sure to adore include gourmet menus for cats and dogs; various comforts of home, such as bedding, collars, leashes, and litter boxes; pet sitting and dog walking services; and, catnip and dog bones.Loews Hotels, both in Nashville and nationwide, are pet-friendly all the way. They charge $50 per stay and limit the number of pets per room to two, but with all of these fabulous amenities, including a welcome pet gift bag, it’s well worth the extra buck.

Northeast: Four Seasons Hotel New York City

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The Four Seasons has always been associated with class and luxury. At the Four Seasons Hotel New York, your pet is welcome to join in on the pampering. Small cats and dogs (25-pounds and under) are welcome to accompany you at the Four Seasons, as well as other Four Seasons properties. Many of the Four Seasons locations, including New York City, offer pet accommodations fare-free.When your pet arrives, they’ll be treated to complimentary treats via room service, if you so choose, and walks with pet sitting courtesy of the concierge.

Hotel Chains That Have Your Pet’s Best Interests in Mind

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When you visit any of the pet-friendly hotels mentioned above, such as pet-friendly hotels in New York City or pet-friendly hotels in Los Angeles, you can rest easy knowing your pet’s best interest is on their mind. From extended stay lodging to short-term upscale rooms, you can find the perfect overnight stay whenever you want to travel with your little buddy.

Now that you know how to find hotels that allow pets, you can focus on other pet care areas. If you want to provide the utmost care for your pets all of the time, pet insurance for your cat or dog is the way to do so. This safeguard will ensure that your pet has the proper care year-round. Prudent Pet offers comprehensive pet insurance to keep your pet happy and healthy. Visit their Facebook page to learn more about how Prudent Pet can help you with your wide array of pet insurance needs.