Did you know February is Responsible Pet Owners Month and February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day? Whether you’re a new pet parent or a seasoned pro here’s 10 tips to become even more responsible pet owners in 2019.

What is Responsible Pet Owners Month?

Cat cuddling with parent

Responsible Pet Owners Month is a time to celebrate the pet guardians who provide responsible pet care to animals, educate the public on what responsible pet ownership looks like, and ensure the well-being of your pets remains in focus. It’s a great time for new pet owners to make sure they’re considering all aspects of their new pet’s life and a time for existing owners to reassess their current routines.

Need another excuse to tell your pet how much they mean to you? The month of February is also home to National Love Your Pet Day on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019. Love Your Pet Day may be a common practice in your home, but this pet-centric holiday reminds all pet owners to spend extra time and attention with their companions.

5 Tips to Participate in Responsible Pet Owners Month

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In addition to the pet owner basics of maintaining proper pet nutrition, routine bathing and grooming habits and training you can brush up on your pet parenting prowess with these five tips:

  1. Create a family pet disaster preparedness plan – Have you considered how you will ensure your pet’s safety during and after a disaster? Reading this pet owner preparation pamphlet from FEMA and creating your pet emergency kit and plan can help get you started.
  2. Review and update ID tags and microchip information – Was the last time you looked at your let’s ID tags shortly after you brought them home for the first time? Since then you may have moved or changed your phone number. Take a moment today to check your pet’s identification tags for accuracy. You never know when that number may be needed to get them back safely to your home. If your pet is microchipped review your pet’s information to ensure it’s up to date. You can do this by finding the associated paperwork, calling the vet or shelter who microchipped your pet for more details or getting your pet scanned. Some rescue pets may still have their previous owner’s information on file, or the rescue organizations contact details. An updated chip means if your pet is found, you will be notified immediately instead of the person or organization on file.
  3. Educate children about the importance of animal welfare – Pet owners have the responsibility of providing children an opportunity to learn about responsible pet ownership by leading by example. When a child sees an adult be kind to a pet, respect the pet and care for them, they are more likely to do the same. It’s never too early to teach young children how to behave around animals.
  4. Get fit together – Take some pointers from our New Year’s Resolution: Dogs and Humans Get Healthy Together post and keep your furry friend physically and mentally engaged. Spending time with your pet doing physical activity can bring your bond even closer.
  5. Be Mindful of your Pet’s Well-being – Your pet is more than a furry companion. They are complex creatures who think and feel. Spend time observing your pet and take note of their natural body and mind tendencies. Look for signs of distress, boredness, sadness, anger, and other troubling emotions. These can indicate illness, a life-threatening emergency, or general unbalance. Share your observations with your vet or holistic practitioners and incorporate their advice accordingly to help balance your pet.

What Responsible Pet Ownership Means to Us at Prudent Pet

Pet mom Jennifer's dog: Romeo

“Being a responsible pet owner means committing to your pet through all stages of life from their puppy stage to their senior years.”

– Jennifer, pet mom of Romeo the Jack Russell

Will, Hermosa's parent

“Just like you would for yourself, always have a backup plan and make sure you’re prepared to handle any situation.”

-Will, Hermosa’s owner

Leon in snow

“I always want to give my dog the attention he earns. We go on as many trips to the dog park as possible because he deserves to have a great time – and not to mention – he tires himself out and then I get to have him cuddle up on the couch with me. A great give and take relationship!”

– Jack, Leon the Bernedoodle’s dad

Leon and Jack playing in snow

Walter lying

“For me, being a responsible pet owner means treating your dog like a part of the family. If you take the time to research what’s safe and healthy for yourself, why not do it for your pup?”

– Brittany, owner of Walter Bean the Corgweiler

Brittany's dog Walter in car

Nicky's dog Bohdi running the back yard

“To me, being a good pet guardian means being thoughtful about my dog’s well-being. I’ve made him a priority by providing routine vet visits and vaccines, opportunities for play and exercise, socialization with other people and pets, and a high-quality diet. I keep in mind his time is short here and it’s a privilege, not an obligation, to treat him well.”

– Nicky, Bohdi the Dachsador’s mom

What else can I do to be a responsible pet owner?

Cat taking nap on the desk

Learning how to be a good pet parent is just one part of being a responsible pet owner. Making sure your pet has access to the best healthcare possible is another. You can start here by getting a free cat insurance or dog insurance quote crafted just for your pet. What better time than Responsible Pet Owners Month to protect your beloved pet with pet health insurance coverage for illnesses, accidents and preventative care?