As a brand dedicated to humans and their animals, Prudent Pet is always eager to work with other like-minded pet companies. So when our team discovered Tags For Hope, we knew right away they would be the perfect partner.

Since 2014, Tags For Hope has been dedicated to supporting no-kill shelters that save animal lives every day. The idea is simple: pet parents can purchase a pet tag for their dog or cat and a portion of the proceeds will directly go towards helping an animal in need.

Learn how Tags For Hope is helping keep beloved pets safe while saving the lives of innocent and adoptable animals.

About Tags For Hope

There are an overwhelming number of dogs and cats in shelters that need homes and consequently, these animals are often euthanized if they have no support. According to Tags For Hope, over 2 million adoptable animals lose their lives each year.

Tags For Hope was born out of the desire to decrease this alarmingly high number of shelter deaths, and is one of the few pet product companies that can confidently say each purchase on their site directly helps an animal in need. These animals are often at risk for euthanasia due to limited shelter space, illness, or arbitrary reasons like fur color, age, or breed.

Animal Shelter Support

Every pet ID tag purchased helps support over 300 animal rescues and shelters that actively work with Tags For Hope. A portion of their proceeds go toward providing food, medical care, and transportation out of kill shelters to these animals.

The charitable nature of Tags For Hope works twofold: your tag keeps your own pet safe, while part of your investment goes toward animal rescue efforts.

Tags For Hope’s customers are not only protecting their fur babies but are actively making life-changing animal shelter donations through their purchases.

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Tags For Hope Custom Pet Tags

Tags For Hope doesn’t just sponsor animals in need — they also create high-quality, unique dog and cat ID tags, wallet cards, and pet passports.

You can help support Tags For Hope and their mission by purchasing one of their exceptional products:

  • Pet ID Tags

Tags For Hope’s personalized pet tag is a fun and unique addition to your pet’s collar. But most importantly, they provide all of the information you could possibly need on a cat or dog ID tag, such as address, phone number, and even space for your vet’s info!

  • Wallet Cards

As a pet parent, you never know when you’ll need your pet’s microchip number or medical information on hand. That’s why these wallet cards come in handy for humans!

  • Pet Passports

It’s hard to keep track of paperwork. These pet passports will keep all your pet’s organized neatly filed in one place.

3 Tags from Tags For Hope

Why We Love Tags For Hope

In our opinion, the best pet company is one that actively gives back to the animal community. Tags For Hope impresses us with their quality products and animal advocacy efforts.

Below are just a few reasons why we love and support Tags For Hope:

  • Animal Shelters Donation

This is a major reason why pet parents purchase their tags from Tags For Hope. With every purchase, you can feel good about helping an animal in need.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Tags For Hope stands behind their products, which means they work with customers to ensure their tags last.

  • High-Quality Tags

Tags For Hope aims to be the best pet tag maker in the world. This means they strive to make the best products possible.

Gift tags from Tags For Hope

Win a Free Gift Card to Tags For Hope

This Valentine’s Day, Prudent Pet and Tags For Hope are teaming up to celebrate the love between humans and their furry friends. On Monday, February 10th, Prudent Pet will be hosting a giveaway with a grand prize that includes $60 to Tags For Hope!

Follow along on Prudent Pet’s Instagram so you don’t miss this opportunity! And remember: the best kind of pet companies are the ones that advocate for animals.