Mark your calendar, tell your pup he’s a good boy, and get ready for some double-holiday fun. That’s right: Take Your Dog to Work Day and National Dog Party Day are celebrated together on June 21st.

Studies show that bringing your pet to work increases productivity – probably because pups make great assistants. So ask, beg, or double dog dare your boss to let your dog come to work on Friday, June 21st (and every day, for that matter).

History of Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day was created back in 1999, making this year’s celebration the 21st annual event. The idea came to life thanks to Pet Sitters International (PSI) who wanted to recognize the amazing companionship of dogs.

White business dog at work

The holiday is also an opportunity to promote pet adoption. Holding this event in the workplace means others have the opportunity to experience the special bond formed between their coworkers and their dogs. The hope is they’ll be inspired to support their local pet communities or adopt a pup of their own.

But the fun isn’t exclusive to canines on Take Your Dog to Work Day. In fact, the entire week before the holiday is Take Your Pet to Work Week (June 17-21) and Monday, June 17 is Take Your Cat to Work Day.

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What is National Dog Party Day?

Since National Dog Party Day falls on the same day as Take Your Dog to Work Day, it’s important we distinguish the two.

The holidays were created in conjunction, but National Dog Party Day is focused on expanding the celebration of our furry companions. If you’re unable to take your pup to the office, you can participate and promote pet adoption later in the day.

Dog wearing a party hat

National Dog Party Day is especially popular in dog-friendly cities like San Diego, Orlando, Austin, and Dewey Beach, DE, where local businesses participate and donate proceeds to pet charities.

Celebrate the bond between you and your pup on June 21st and truly embody the phrase “Work like a dog and party like a pup.”

The 6 Best Dog Parties

Let’s be honest: anything involving a dog is a party to us.

You don’t have to wait until June to recognize your pup – pet parents are always finding ways to celebrate their best pals. Get inspired by these adorable dog pawties that left us especially impressed:

1. Corgchella

Corgi Beach Day in Los Angeles

The event is described as having ‘Corgi-centric’ vendors, food, drink, carnival rides, and Corgi races. It’s been reported that the event has seen over 1,200 Corgis in attendance.

In other words: Corgi Beach Day is Heaven on Earth.

2. Goldie Palooza 2018

Huntington Beach seems to be the place for the best dog meetups in California. In October 2018, about 500 Golden Retrievers gathered in Huntington Beach for Goldie Palooza.

500 Golden Retrievers at Goldie Palooza  2018

Goldie Palooza was a fun-filled day featuring a costume contest, Golden Retriever adoptions, and a “Smooch a Golden” kissing booth.

And of course, people and their pups smooshed together for a golden photo opportunity.

3. Scottish Highlands Golden Gathering

Before Goldie Palooza broke unofficial records, 200 Goldens took place in the Scottish Highlands.

The event was organized by The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the breed. We suspect many treats and kisses were given on that day.

4. Rosedale Center Winter Mall Walk

Ask any pup in Minnesota their least favorite thing about winter and they’ll bark in agreement: the lack of walks!

Last year, the Rosedale Center in Roseville, MN decided to open early during the winter so pet parents could have a warm place to walk their dogs.

The idea was so appealing that about 300 dogs went to the mall the first weekend. Tres chic! 

300 dogs went to Rosedale Center Winter Mall  the first weekend

5. That Dood Squad

Seven Atlanta-area friends, with various types of doodles, formed That Dood Squad. The doodles and their parents meet at least once a month for brunch and mimosas (or treats and water) before photoshoots.

Atlanta-area friends, with various types of doodles, formed That Dood Squad

Being part of the group isn’t all glamour and fame; four of the seven pups are certified therapy dogs and visit hospitals, rehab centers, and senior living communities.

Talk about #squadgoals.

Many poodles on couch

6. Mutt Derby

What’s more heartwarming than dogs supporting other dogs? In February 2018, pups of all breeds gathered at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, FL to support the adoption of Greyhounds.

Pups of all breeds gathered at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, FL

The event was a fundraiser for Greyhound Pets of America and 385 dogs lined up to race. While not every pup managed to finish the race (…or run in the right direction) it was still a great day for dog lovers.

385 Greyhounds lined up to race

Celebrate with Your Dog

Are you wondering how you can make the most of June 21st with your pup?

The answer is easy: have them tag along to the office for Take Your Dog to Work Day then keep the festivities going after hours for National Dog Party Day.  

Dog getting a treat at food truck

Enjoy the evening at a dog-friendly restaurant, spend some time at a dog park, and give tons of scratches behind your pup’s ears.

Oh, and throwing in a couple of treats can’t hurt.

Dogs in line at beach