Are you searching for a Valentine who won’t let you down this year? Look no further than your pet! Who needs a serious relationship  when you have Rover to cuddle up with? Plus, no one is near as understanding as your beloved kitten, Fluffy!

Okay, we won’t hate on significant others too much…they’re fine. But sometimes it’s sweet to recognize pet people as the furbaby-obsessed, doting parents that we are. Everyone adores their pets, so let’s represent the pet parents on this annual day of love.

Whether you’re buying yourself a Valentine’s Day gift from your pet, or searching for a purrfect present for your pet-obsessed partner, our 2021 list has the dog- and/or cat-lover in your life covered!

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dog and woman sits at beach in summer

February 14th is a day to celebrate love in all its wonderful forms, and as we know, pet parents tend to gush over their pups. For Valentine’s Day, dog-lovers will swoon over little gifts that remind them of their furry friends. From techy gadgets to clothing, we found some of the best dog-lover gifts on the market:

Furbo for Valentine's day gift from your dog

Furbo Dog Camera – $199

It’s always hard to leave your dog for the day. But what if you could still keep an eye on your sweet pup while you’re away? The Furbo Dog Camera lets you do just that, and it even allows you to toss your pup a treat when he’s been a good boy (or girl)! This high-tech device isn’t just a fun way to keep tabs on your pup; Furbo has been credited with saving the lives of over 500 dogs! It’s a Valentine’s Day gift that will keep giving all year round.

Cuddle Clones for you Valentine's day

Cuddle Clones – $249

Do you love your pet so much you wish you could clone him? Well, now you can…sort of! Cuddle Clones offer striking plush look-a-likes of your pet. These handmade stuffed animals capture your pup’s features in such detail; you’ll find yourself doing-double takes. If you’re looking for a less expensive keepsake, Cuddle Clones also offers adorable figurine replicas, accessories, home decor, apparel, and more, all featuring your pup.

PupSocks for Valentine's day gift

PupSocks – $24.95

Did your dog eat your favorite pair of socks? Replace them with PupSocks–the most comfortable way to show off your pet. Hopefully, Fido will be less likely to eat your socks if they have his face plastered all over them! Can’t get enough of your dog’s adorable mug? PupSocks also offers cozy blankets emblazoned with your pup.

Dog wine glasses for a Valentine's day gift

Breed-Specific Wine Glasses – $49.95

A romantic glass of wine on Valentine’s Day is practically a requirement. Incorporate your precious pup by toasting with breed-specific wine glasses. In the Company of Dogs offers sets of 4 stemless wine glasses featuring 45 different dog breeds. We’ll drink to that!

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat woman cuddling in bed

You don’t have to look very hard to find Valentine’s gifts for pet lovers. But if cat owners are truly as picky as their feline companions, finding the right item might not be as easy as it sounds. Whether your cat-loving Valentine loves jewelry, clothes, or spending their time in the kitchen, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right gift among these options:

Cat candy Valentine's day gift

Chocolate Cat Candy Bar – $17

Why should Easter bunnies have all the fun? This chocolate cat candy bar from the Amy ChocolateDogPound store on Etsy is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of any cat-lover this Valentine’s Day. Don’t settle for a boring box of chocolates when you can surprise your Valentine with this sweet (literally!) kitty.

Fabulous flower Valentine's gift

Fabulous Feline Flowers – $54.99

Flowers may seem a predictable gift to send on February 14, but these aren’t just any flowers. This Fabulous Feline arrangement from 1-800-Flowers is shaped like a kitty and is sure to impress the cat-lover in your life.

Red cat slippers for a Valentine's day

Cat Slippers – $64

What’s even better than a romantic dinner out on Valentine’s Day? A cozy night in! These cat slippers from L.L. Bean are as cute as they are comfy, and are the perfect choice when cuddling up on the couch with your Valentine–be they human or feline.

Cat painting gift for a Valentine's Day

Custom Fancy Cat Painting – $49.95

If you can’t afford diamonds for your Valentine, give her the next best thing: a personalized portrait of her cat dripping in gems. Iconic Paw offers Classy Lady Custom Pet Canvas paintings, featuring your favorite feline dressed like Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption

Man and dog hugging in mountainCupid’s arrow is not always reliable. Sometimes you have to go out there and find your Valentine for yourself! Valentine’s Day can be a great time to adopt the new love of your life: a rescue dog or cat. Resources like Petfinder can help you find rescue animals in your area. Breed-specific rescues can also help if you have a particular breed of dog or cat in mind. Be sure to see if local shelters are running any adoption specials for Valentine’s Day.

Sending lots of love to you and your pets! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Prudent Pet!