It’s finally that time of year again, the holidays mean spending time with family and sometimes even shopping! We all love the holidays, but they also mean our wallets tend to look a bit thinner than usual. Between holiday parties and buying presents for your loved ones, your furry little friend sometimes gets left out.  Fortunately for pet owners, Prudent Pet is here to help spread the cheer with an official 2019 Black Friday for Pets Guide!

Humans tend to take advantage of Black Friday the most, but we shouldn’t be the only ones shopping, we need to shop for our fur babies! With Prudent Pet’s helpful guide, you’ll find all the great deals on pet toys, supplies, and other gadgets.

PetSmart Black Friday Deals

Pet Smart Black Friday Sale

Each year, PetSmart has major discounts for savvy shoppers on Black Friday, and this year is no exception. With most stores opening at 7 a.m., they will have discounts on over 10,000 products. Those will include 50% off on holiday toys, treats, grooming packages, and daycare.

However, these discounts only apply to PetSmart Treats Membership members. So make sure to register in advance to take advantage of the extra savings.

View PetSmart Black Friday Deals advertisement. PetSmart stores will be closed on Thanksgiving; however, they will be offering Black Friday PetSmart discounts online starting Thursday at 7 a.m., and you’ll be able to pick them up in-store on Black Friday. PetSmart Cyber Monday deals will also be available come Monday morning!

Petco Black Friday Deals

Petco Black Friday Sale

Petco has some great deals this year with up to 50% off on foods, toys, beds, accessories, treats, and additional BOGOF offers for select dog food brands. Dog and cat chews and treats are all BOGOF, including BLUE, WholeHearted, and SmartBones. Lastly, almost every 25-lb dog food bag is buy one, get one 50% off, which means huge savings!

These promotions are only available November 29th-30th. Check out the rest of Petco’s Black Friday deals. Keep in mind, much like PetSmart; these discounts are only offered to Pals Rewards members. If you plan on taking advantage of these amazing deals, register beforehand for Petco’s Pals Rewards membership! And if you’re interested in purchasing other pets, all little live pets, such as reptiles are 50% off during the Black Friday sale.

Pet Supplies Plus Black Friday Deals


Just like almost every other year, Pet Supplies Plus is offering a Black Friday 3-day weekend sale – available in-store only. Pet Supplies Plus advertising savings and BOGOs on food, treats, toys, cat furniture, holiday gear, and much more for your pets. They’re also currently offering at least 10% off on dog & cat food and treats from October through December 1 with a Loyalty Card.

View all the amazing offer they’re having check out Pet Supplies Plus deals. While the sale is three days, some deals are limited to just Black Friday. Be wary of what discounts you want to capitalize on and when they’re available.

Cyber Monday Pet Deals

Woman enjoys online shopping with dog

We understand Thanksgiving weekend is accompanied by stuffing your face and feeling bloated. Lucky for you, the technology-savvy society we live in allows you to shop for all the deals in the comfort of your own home if you’re not feeling like battling the elements.

That’s right, and we’re talking about Black Friday’s long-lost cousin Cyber Monday! So, start a fire in your living room, curl up in your favorite blanket with your special furry friend, and start saving with our guide to winning Cyber Monday for Pets.

Chewy Cyber Monday Deals

Chewy Cyber Monday deals

Chewy has deals on your favorite dog and cat products daily. It’s no surprise that they are offering great Chewy Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. No official offers have been announced yet, but they’re advertising buy 3 products, get 1 free throughout the entire holiday season. So if you don’t want to wait around for those Black Friday deals, hop on this exclusive offer.

In previous years, Chewy has announced sales of 50% off and free 1-2 day shipping. We expect to see something similar this year when their deals are announced. Periodically check Blacker Friday to know the exact moment when the offers are released. Chewy was created for dog and cat lovers that hate the hassle of going to the crowded pet store during Black Friday, so it’s easy to find what you need and at affordable rates!

Additional Cyber Monday Pet Information

  • Most stores will translate their in-store Black Friday deals to their Cyber Monday deals
  • Stores won’t post their Cyber Monday deals until their Black Friday sale has ended
  • Cyber Monday has started to creep into Sunday, so be aware at all times
  • Look for the pickup in-store option to save money on shipping
  • Utilize additional coupons and promos to lower the prices even more

Black Friday Free Pet Adoption

Dog Adopt Now for dog adoption

Final Thoughts – Black Friday Guidelines & Tips

  • Research! Go scope out the stores before Black Friday. Some stores advertise deals, but their prices aren’t lower than their everyday prices
  • Utilize your gift cards. What’s better than slashed prices? Even lower prices!
  • Plan your day. Schedule your itinerary to optimize your time and save more money! Check with your local stores to see when they open and close.
  • Pay with cash. If you only bring a specific amount of cash, this will reduce impulse shopping. No swiping that credit card left and right!
  • Bring a friend – the more help, the better. Most pet stores will allow you to bring your pet as well! What a big help that would be.
  • Sign up for emails. Stay in touch with all the great offers your favorite stores might offer the last minute.
  • Attack the day. Black Friday is one day a year. You can afford to shave off a few extra hours of sleep if you’re really dedicated to finding that amazing deal.
  • Have fun! While the day may seem stressful, just remember you don’t have to buy anything. You can watch the madness ensue from the sideline.

We hope this guide serves you well in your journey to saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all your pet’s needs. Feel free to help another pet parent save during this modern holiday by sending them this guide. While your furry friend might appreciate a toy from Petco on Black Friday, the best gift you can give them is pet insurance from Prudent Pet. Prudent Pet will reimburse your vet bills if your pet ever becomes ill or gets into an accident, so sign up for a free, no-hassle quote today.