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Top 10 Dog Names of 2020

by | January 7, 2020 | Trending

Bringing home a puppy is an incredibly rewarding (and hectic!) time. Amidst the chaos of a new dog in the house, pet owners are usually searching to find unique dog names for their furry companions. But let’s be honest, there are some names that will never go out of style.

We pulled together the top 10 dog names from the Prudent Pet community, and even found some of our favorite pups on Instagram to match! Without further ado, we’re counting down the most popular dog names (for girls and boys!) in 2020:

10. Buddy

Dogs are man’s best friend, so many people make it official by naming their best pup, Buddy. It’s also one of the most common dog names taken from movies – most famously Buddy from Air Bud (1997).

This puppy-eyed mini Australian Labradoodle is the perfect embodiment of the name “Buddy”:

9. Charlie

Short for Charles, Charlie means “free” and these dogs certainly personify that! Charlie has climbed the ranks in recent years as more people look towards this free-spirited name.  

We’re also head over heels for Charlie the Golden Retriever:

8. Molly

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Molly has always been a popular name for humans and dogs alike and is unequivocally feminine.

Take a look at this adorable Newfoundland Molly, and her gang of pups Lady, Boomer, Duke and Boz:

7. Coco

Is naming your dog Coco an homage to your favorite dessert? A reference to a famous fashion designer? Or is short for ‘Coconut’? No matter the reason, Coco tops the list of cute and cool dog names.

Coco and her sister Cici are lovable little Maltese pups taking over Instagram:

5. Daisy

The name Daisy is often associated with beautiful flowers, so it’s no surprise that pet owners to give the name to their beloved four-legged pals. The idea of blooming daisies in the summertime is a lovely sight and smell for anybody.

Daisy, a United Kingdom-based Jackhuahua, is one of our favorite accounts on Instagram:

4. Lucy

When it comes to great girl dog names, we certainly love Lucy. It’s the perfect name for your funny and glamorous little pup.

We especially adore Lucy the adorable Jack Russell:

3. Luna

Luna is one of the most popular female dog names for, particularly outgoing and enthusiastic dogs. The name means ‘moon’, and many owners believe pups named Luna draw their bubbly energy from the moon.

We fell in love with this pup Luna the second we saw those ears:

2. Max

Max tops the list as the most common male dog names (even Goofy’s son in A Goofy Movie (1995) was named Max!). Whether it’s Maxwell, Maximillian, or just Max, this classic name is short, sweet, and to the point.

Like his name, this pup Max is also short, sweet, and totally lovable:

1. Bella

It’s no surprise this name is the number one most popular dog name. From the Italian word meaning beautiful, Bella is the perfect name for your furry friend. Even the main character in our new favorite movie A Dog’s Way Home is named Bella!

Check out this beautiful little Dachshund named Bella, a self-proclaimed Princess!

Did your pup’s name make our list? We want to meet them! Share their photo on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #PrudentPet for a chance to be featured on our account!

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