It might seem like quarantine and shelter in place bans are never going to end. It’s already been two months and nothing has seemed to change. We’re all sheltered at home dreaming of days when we can socialize with friends and family once again.

It’s a hard time for all of us, but we will get through this together. Once we’re finally out of this chaos, all of us will be clamoring to get outside and enjoy the weather, especially with our pets.

You can only walk your dog around the block so many times. Seeing the same neighborhood sights and people every day for more than two months has gotten dry and boring. That’s why we’ve compiled a dog bucket list for you and your furry little friend to do once the shelter in place ban is lifted.

With summer right around the corner, there’s no better time to explore your town with your pooch. Being locked away at home will make this more worthwhile and even more enjoyable for your pet family.

Take Your Dog to the Ballpark

Playing baseball with dog

Sports will return as early as June and fans will be allowed to go into stadiums at a limited capacity. Once all of this happens in the coming months, you must take your dog to the ballpark and enjoy some baseball with your four-legged friend.

Almost every MLB and minor league team has a special game every year dedicated to “Take your Dog to the Ballpark Day” or “Bark at the Park”. Some teams even allow dogs at baseball games year-round, such as the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres.

Your pup will never feel out of place at any of these ballparks. Each ballpark and team has their own set of rules and regulations for your doggo’s vaccines and weight limits, so be sure to check on their website before strolling up to the gate with your dog.

We can’t wait for baseball to return and your pup will soon feel the same.

Go to a Dog-Friendly Beach

Man surfs with his dog

This one isn’t as easily accessible for everyone but we had to include it. Watching your pooch splash around in the water is enjoyable and hilarious for every pet parent out there.

You might think this is impossible for your dog family if you don’t live by an ocean, lake, or large body of water, but you just have to think creatively. Find the nearest pond or stream and let your doggy explore along the edges. Trust us, for dogs that have never seen a pool or water, it will be a treat for everyone.

There are also a number of off-leash dog parks designed specifically for dogs who are crazy about the water. Research the forest preserves and dog parks in your area to see when they plan to reopen.

It’s worth saying that you don’t have to force your dog into the water. Please let them enter at their own pace. Some dogs are just not interested in playing in the water or swimming. I know the first time I took my dog to a pool he wasn’t interested at all, so just be smart.

Also, remember to bring a lifevest for your furry friend, especially if you are taking them to a river or lake for the first time.

Attend a Dog-Friendly Festival

Woman and Labrador enjoy outdoor event

Summer is the best time to attend festivals and what better way to celebrate than bringing your four-legged friend along for the ride. You no longer have to choose between leaving your pet at home and going to the festival.

Spending time outside at a festival with other dogs is also a great way to meet fellow dog lovers and check off another dog bucket list item. Most of these dog-friendly festivals insist dogs attend and they often accommodate them with agility courses or paw printing activities for the dog parents. Another nice bonus is that dogs usually get in free!

Chicago puts on one of the best dog-friendly festivals in the country, West Fest. Taking place just north of the West Loop lies the best festival to enjoy with your pupper. Sample some delicious Chicago cuisine and relax to some live music, all with your dog by your side.

Enjoy some festival food and music with your pup for an unforgettable experience that you won’t soon forget.

Plan a Camping Trip

Having a camp with white dog

This one doesn’t necessarily have to wait until the shelter in place order is lifted. Camping grounds are being opened across the country due to their natural social distancing. You can always be more than six feet away from someone when camping or hiking, which is why many campgrounds are beginning to open up by Memorial Day.

Camping is a great family experience and provides much needed fresh air after being trapped in our homes for months. Finally beginning to enjoy nature after quarantine will be appreciated by everyone, even our pups!

Our dogs can only experience so much nature with everybody being locked down. Even we get bored with seeing the same houses and buildings day after day and our dogs feel just the same.

During your camping trip, you can even go on a hike with your pooch. Getting exercise together is a great way to bond with your dog, even if it means taking water breaks together.

Make sure to check signs, maps, and information pamphlets to ensure your pup can hike with you. Depending on which national or state park you plan to hike in, certain trails may be off-limits to pets. These rules are usually put into place because dangerous wild animals may frequent the trails.

Throw a Dog BBQ

Having BBQ in summer with a dog

The perfect summer activity: a barbeque in your backyard with all of your best friends and favorite doggos. Invite the buddies and gals over; tell them that dogs are required for entry!

Cater to your human guests as well as your animals by creating a theme for everybody to participate in. Don’t be afraid to dress up your dog in perfect summer attire. When planning the menu, prepare human-friendly, as well as dog-friendly cuisine so everyone gets to enjoy.

Summer Is Right Around the Corner

Spring has almost come and passed, leaving us with the best season of all, summer! Summertime is the most magical time of the year to enjoy nature and truly becomes a great time to enjoy beautiful weather with your pup.

However, summer also means increased time with your dog. We all want to keep our pooch safe so we can take them everywhere all the time. Protecting your pup is Prudent Pet’s number one priority and we would love to ensure safety for you and your doggo this summer.

Get a free quote today and learn how dog insurance can save you money and protect your pup at the same time. Don’t let an accident or illness ruin the summer for your four-legged friend. Get covered today, sit back and relax for the summer has just begun!