Insurance is confusing; there’s no shame in admitting that. Pet insurance is also bundled into that wide category of insurance, which increases the bewilderment because many people don’t even know pet insurance exists.

Despite being under that same insurance umbrella, cat insurance and doggo insurance differ quite a bit from other forms of insurance, such as auto and life insurance.

Pet owners deserve to be well educated on keeping their furry little friend safe, as well as the benefits of each policy. Building a policy with Prudent Pet is fast, easy, and simple. What more could you want?

Input Pet Information

Input pet information to get Prudent Pet quote

The very first step in building your policy is entering your pet’s information, such as name, age, breed, zip code, and email. Feel free to include your phone number. However, it’s not required.

After you select your plan at the bottom, you’ll be prompted to pick your price on the next module.

Picking your Policy & Price

Pick your price on Prudent Pet quote page

Prudent Pet is unique, in the sense that the customer (you!) get to pick your reimbursement %, deductible, and coverage limit. As the customer, you have the ultimate freedom at the coverage and price of your policy, and we think that’s how it should always be.

More importantly, you have two options for coverage plans, Accident-Only or Accident + Illness. The more comprehensive option is the Accident + Illness policy because it covers everything from a tiny accident to almost any illness.

Both plans are fully customizable, offering you full control over your policy. Pretty sweet, right?

After you customize your pricing, you also have the option to add on Preventive coverage for your pup or kitty. This can include coverage on specific exams or necessary procedures, such as spaying and neutering.

How are the Prices Calculated?

Policy premiums are somewhat of a science. Everything is calculated explicitly for your situation. These are all based on the personal and pet information you entered in the first stage of your policy journey.

Four Factors Affect Premium Prices


This one might seem obvious to some. As pets age, they become more at risk for accidents and illnesses. This means that older pet policies will likely cost more than younger animals’.


The breed is one of the most important characteristics when determining how much a policy premium costs. For example, purebred dogs are more susceptible to harmful hereditary conditions that can cause illness or injury.

This means a policy built for a 5-year-old Golden Retriever will likely cost more than a policy for a mixed dog of the same age. Be sure to look out for this condition when building your policy.


Like most people, you might be wondering why your zip code is needed when entering your pet’s information. It’s because your location drastically affects your cost of pet insurance.

Similar to auto insurance, the cost of pet insurance generally increases in urban areas. This is due to the increased cost of vet care in urban areas, as opposed to cheaper options in rural places.


Now this one might seem too obvious, but the coverage you choose will affect the price of your premium. The more coverage you desire for your pet, the higher the premium price will be.


Man making payment on tablet with his dog

Now that you know how policies are built, you can finally purchase the policy that’s right for you.

Did you know Prudent Pet also offers you the option of insuring another pet with a 10% discount?

Once you’ve purchased your policy, you’re officially part of the Prudent Pet family! We value our customers and appreciate you choosing Prudent Pet. If you haven’t even gotten a quote yet, get one now, it’s free!