We love our fluffballs every day of the year but we love them extra on National Pet Day! It seems like there’s a holiday for everything these days but the most important day is obviously National Pet Day. Our furry little friends love us unconditionally and they deserve some recognition. We need to appreciate our pets on this sacred day and shower them with extra affection and love.

What is National Pet Day?

Cat and dog cuddling on the floor

National Pet Day is a holiday celebrating our loving animals and the joy they bring to our lives every single day. More importantly, the holiday creates public awareness about the challenges shelter animals face and encourages humans to help them. We love our pets every day, however, National Pet Day assigns one calendar day a year to truly allow us to recognize the special relationships we develop with animals, while also supporting and calling attention to a great cause.

History of National Pet Day

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National Pet Day was founded in 2005 by Colleen Paige. Colleen is an Animal Welfare Advocate as well as a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert. She started the holiday with intentions of celebrating the joy pets bring to our lives, while also educating the general public on the poor conditions and lives shelter animals live through. Since 2005, National Pet Day has been officially recognized as a holiday and has helped encourage future pet owners to consider shelter animals as their new companions. Below is a quote from the founder Colleen herself:

“Many people believe that humans are superior to animals, but is that really true? We’re not able to come close to possessing the pure & perfect unconditional love that animals offer. If we could, we’d have no need for this day…because all the shelters would be empty” -Colleen Paige

When is National Pet Day? – April 11th, 2021

National Pet Day falls on a Sunday this year. Spend your weekend devoting extra time to celebrate with your fuzzy friend! Take your animal to the park, play with them, give them a special treat or toy, and make them feel loved. If you don’t own a pet but still want to get in on the celebration, consider adopting from a local shelter! Not only will you change the life of an animal forever, but you’ll also welcome home your new best friend.

How do I observe National Pet Day?

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If adopting an animal isn’t part of your plans, don’t worry: there are still ways to celebrate National Pet Day. Most pet owners like to celebrate by spending time with their pets and also helping other pets. The following are other ways that any animal lover can celebrate National Pet Day:

  • Adopt a pet from your local shelter!
  • Post on social media using the hashtag #NationalPetDay to spread awareness!
  • Buy your pets new toys! Multiple toys!
  • Volunteer at a shelter
  • Help your friends or neighbors care for their pets. Offer to pet sit, take them for a walk, or even buy them pet food
  • Purchase National Pet Day gear
  • Donate money, food and toys to shelters
  • Throw a pet party to celebrate with all your friends and their pets!
  • Give love to any pet you see

National Pet Adoption Day – April 30, 2021

Family visits a shelter to choose their adaption

If you miss National Pet Day, you’ll have a chance to celebrate a similar one. This closely related holiday would be National Pet Adoption Day. The goal of this holiday is very comparable to National Pet Day: raise awareness for shelter animals and help provide them with loving and caring homes. This year National Pet Adoption Day will be celebrated on April 30. If you’re unsure why you should adopt a shelter animal, take a look at some of these startling statistics:

  • Only 1/10 dogs born will find a permanent home
  • Approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters every year
  • Approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed each year due to capacity at shelters
  • There are over 3,500 shelters in the US

Many kinds of animals in line

Do your pet a favor on National Pet Day and secure a policy from Prudent Pet. The best way to celebrate this fun holiday is to ensure your pet health and happiness — and a happy pet means a happy owner.

Have a great National Pet Day, from all of us at Prudent Pet!