Pet parents all over the world love their furry little friends and would do anything to keep them healthy. Even if you don’t know much about cat insurance, we’re here to help provide you the answers you’ll need to decide if Prudent Pet is right for your family’s feline.

Our guide below will help you choose the best policy for your precious kitty.

Accident-Only Policy for Your Cat

Kitty plays with Cat tower toy

Simple enough, the Accident-Only policy covers your cat in the case of an accident.

That means this policy covers your cat if they get into a car accident, break their leg jumping at a laser pointer on the wall, or decides to eat a ball of yarn.

This policy reimburses you for your covered expenses related to the diagnosis and treatment of injuries that result from an accident. This means you’ll be reimbursed for your chosen percentage after your deductible is met, all the way up to your annual policy limit.

Don’t fear if your policy isn’t processed in a few days. The normal waiting period is 14 days.

Consider an Accident-Only Policy if:

  • You want the most affordable option

Our Accident-Only policy doesn’t have the broadest coverage, but it’s more friendly to your budget!

  • You have more than one pet

Cats can get awfully rowdy with each other, and it can lead to serious accidents.

  • Your cat is still a young kitty

Kitties are naturally mischievous creatures. Insure peace of mind with a policy early on in their life.

Accident + Illness Policy for Your Cat

Male vet checking a cat

This more comprehensive policy, the Accident + Illness policy, covers your pet when they’re hurt and sick. This differs from the Accident-Only policy, which only covers injuries.

The policy also reimburses you for your covered expenses related to accidents and illnesses. You’re reimbursed for their chosen percentage after their deductible is met until the annual limit on the policy is reached.

Similar to the Accident-Only policy, the Accident + Illness policy also has a 14-day waiting period.

Accident + Illness policy covers:

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
  • Alternative Therapy
  • Behavioral Issues

Consider an Accident + Illness Policy if:

  • You have a baby kitty

Your little baby may be healthy now, but anything can happen. Since pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, you should get covered early.

  • You have a healthy adult cat

As your cat ages, they become more susceptible to accidents and illnesses, even if they’re otherwise healthy. It’s best to insure them early since no pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions.

Basic Preventive Add-On for Cat Insurance

Two kitties hang out on blanket

Our Basic Preventive Add-on is an extra feature you can add to either of the Accident-Only or Accident + Illness policies.

This add-on feature will reimburse you a certain amount towards basic preventive measures. If you stay up to date on wellness exams, your kitty will require a yearly vaccine, or if annual dental cleanings are in your pet care routine, then a Basic Preventive Add-on might be right for you.

Unlike both policies, there’s no waiting period for our Basic Preventive Add-on.

You should consider a Basic Preventive Add-on if your cat needs:

Prime Preventive Add-On for Cat Insurance

Veterinary doctor checking blood pressure of a cat

Our Prime Preventive Add-On is another additional feature to either policy, similar to the Basic Preventive Add-On above.

This supplementary option is broader than the Basic option. It reimburses you for prevalent exams, cleanings and vaccines. Like the Basic Preventive Add-On, there is no waiting period for the Prime Add-On.

You should consider a Prime Preventive Add-on if your cat may need:

Customize Your Cat Insurance Policy Price

Cat and white board that says Pet Insurance

We believe that getting coverage for your kitten shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why Prudent Pet offers you customizable policies that allow you to toggle between deductible, reimbursement rate, and annual limit. This lets you create the perfect plan for your kitty and your wallet!

We’re also here to educate you on these complex insurance terms because they can be confusing!

  • Deductible

A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket before Prudent Pet reimburses you for your veterinary bills.

If you have a higher deductible, you will have a lower monthly premium. However, a higher deductible means you will have to pay more out of pocket before Prudent Pet reimburses you.

  • Reimbursement

Reimbursement is a percentage of how much money you get back from Prudent Pet after you submit your claim.

If you have a lower reimbursement percentage, you will have a lower monthly premium and will not receive as much money back from Prudent Pet after submitting claims.

  • Annual limit

An annual coverage limit is a maximum amount Prudent Pet will pay in any given policy period.

If you have a lower annual limit, you will have a smaller monthly premium. However, this means Prudent Pet will pay out a more moderate amount annually to you in claims.

Other Things to Consider

Knowing the coverage options of each policy is important, but there’s more you should know about these plans besides their coverages and prices.


The cost of vet treatment depends on your location. Procedures and check-ups tend to be pricier in urban areas and lower in rural neighborhoods. This is something to keep in mind when toggling between your deductible and annual limit because you might need more coverage based on your location.

Cat wearing super hero costume


While your location is something to consider, the lifestyle of your pet is another determining factor. If your cat wanders outside, is social with other animals, or travels frequently, they’re at higher risk of contracting an illness or injuring themselves. Similarly, cats who stay at pet-friendly hotels or routinely ride on airplanes may be required to have specific vaccines or exams.

We doubt you have any other questions after this deep dive into pet insurance, but in case you do, give our friendly customer service reps a call at 877-663-9070.