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Meowbox Holiday Giveaway!

By |2020-12-16T11:47:56-06:00December 6, 2019|

It’s the season of giving and we’re feline fine over here at the Prudent Pet HQ, which is why we decided to team up with our pals at Meowbox to give away a holiday-themed box! One lucky cat owner will receive a free Meowbox delivered right to their door packed full of goodies and treats

Tips for Renting with Pets

By |2020-12-16T10:27:02-06:00November 23, 2019|

There’s a lot to ponder when renting a home or apartment, from the size and location to the monthly cost. Unfortunately, pets aren’t always taken into consideration when their humans are looking for a new rental. Pets are family, so don’t let yours get lost in the shuffle. Carefully consider the needs of your pet

Traveling with Dogs

By |2020-12-16T11:47:21-06:00April 22, 2019|

When planning a trip, there is already so much that goes into the preparation. If you add a dog to the mix, more logistics and prep are required. Traveling with your furry companion may sound fun, however, it may be difficult at times navigating the journey with your pet. If you follow these guidelines you

Rescue and Shelter Animals

By |2020-12-16T11:45:17-06:00April 15, 2019|

We love our pets more than anything. We care for them, feed them, and provide for them. They depend on us and show us, unconditional love, in return. Unfortunately, not all animals have it so lucky. It’s estimated that 6.5 million dogs (3.3 m) and cats (3.2 m) enter U.S. animal shelters yearly. At Prudent

Top 10 Cat Movies

By |2020-12-16T10:35:48-06:00March 19, 2019|

The Prudent Pet team is obviously made up of dedicated pet lovers, but we’re also a group of movie buffs too! Needless to say, when our passions collide and our furry friends appear on the silver screen, we get very excited. We already paid homage to our favorite movies about dogs, so we decided it

Moving with Pets

By |2021-02-08T22:45:33-06:00February 6, 2019|

Moving with Pets Tips Congrats on securing your new home, or building it for your pet from scratch. Moving into a new home is typically something exciting people look forward to it. But have you considered how it can affect your pet? Moving is stressful on humans – so think how stressful it can be

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